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When Only Leftist Blather-Heads Control Media Outlets, All You’ll Ever Hear Is Leftist Blather

One may indeed wonder why, during a time of great prosperity; at a time when more people are working than ever before; at a time when serious steps are being taken to halt illegal crossings of our border; at a time when more attempts are being made to halt crimes that are being committed by illegal aliens; at a time when most employees’ 401Ks are the largest they’ve ever been, one may well wonder why all of the news from the leftist, anti-Trump swamp-class is all negative and all anti-Trump.

The problem is that the constitutional right to report the news is left to the honesty and integrity of those entities reporting the news, and since anti-American leftists have neither honesty nor integrity, we are left to hear only the things that the leftist press wants to report, and only those things that make their side look better. Here are some examples:

We know told that President Trump has a 45 percent approval rating, but when the blathering class speaks of his approval rating they always lie that it’s less than 40 percent and rapidly approaching the damning 30-percent level. And they’ll never, ever, tell the reader or the viewer that Nancy Pelosi’s favorability rating is at the rock bottom, and is much worse than President Trump’s.

President Trump, who alone among the responsible officials in the government shutdown, has been willing to negotiate the issues that caused the shutdown, makes an offer that will hopefully get Democrats to the table, temporarily ends the government shutdown and puts government employees back to work, and the lying press reports that Trump has caved.

In 2018 the liberal press told us repeatedly that there was no Central American caravan approaching our border, even as the Fox cameras showed images of this north-ward movement. And when the caravan got to Tijuana and caused major havoc there, the press was completely silent, and quickly switched to coverage of the alleged crimes of the American border agents when they opposed a violent attack on the border by the very caravanistos whom the blathering press told us didn‘t exist.

President Trump gets a nineteen-point favorability gain from Hispanics because of his firm stance on putting a wall on our southern border, and the blathering press is silent.

Black and Hispanic employment levels are the highest in history, but the blathering class ignores this marvel and continues to complain about black economic troubles and the racism of Donald Trump.

The blathering class complains about the separation of children from their parents as families illegally cross the border, and they are silent about the fact that the Obama administration did exactly the same thing, because that’s the law.

The United States is safer from terrorism now that President Trump has devastated ISIS, and the blathering class is silent.

Kamala Harris states that we need to stop the illegal flow of deadly drugs into America, and the blathering class fails to mention that this subject is a major part of the Trump administration’s plan for border control.

Kamala Harris claims that prison reform is needed in America, and the blathering class fails to remind her that President Trump has just passed such a measure, at his personal guidance through the lengthy process.

The blathering class is gleeful about former Trump associates being indicted by Robert Mueller, but fail to mention that the indictments are for process “crimes” and have nothing to do with Russian collusion nor with President Trump personally; and they also fail to mention that Hillary colluded directly with Russia on her Uranium One deal (which profited her with more than one hundred million dollars) and that the FBI director himself on July 5, 2016 told the nation that the FBI had solid evidence that she had broken numerous laws, many of which were violation of national security.

And of course when the blathering class sees a story that is favorable to Trump they spike it and never let it see the light of day, which is a direct violation of the constitutional duties of the press, which is to report the “news“.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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