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President Of Judicial Watch Says Pelosi Abused Power Of Her Office With Use Of Military Jets

President of Judicial Watch Tom Fitton said Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has abused the power of her office by using luxury military jets for personal trips.

“For the most part, most of these trips can be done on commercial planes,” Fitton said on “Fox & Friends” Friday.

“They don’t need these military luxury jets that are put out there,” he continued. “There’s a whole fleet at Andrews air force base. Air force One is famously known. But there are other planes that are pretty cushy.”

Fitton said politicians love using military jets because their spouses can fly for free and said Pelosi had been bringing her family along on most of her trips.

“At one point, one of them said the military said to her, you know, we don’t have the planes available. Is there any way they can fly commercial and the response back from her office was, well you know how that gets with the spouses. They love the military jets at the time because the spouses could ride on them for free,” he said.

“They flew commercial the spouses have to pay their own way. And Ms. Pelosi had her family on a lot of these trips. So, this is basic oversight. And members of Congress from both parties are happy to go on these Congressional delegations which are really junkets.”

Pelosi racked up nearly $200,000 on the Air Force’s dime back in 2015 to fly her family and other lawmakers to Italy and Ukraine, according to documents released Saturday.

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  1. As the speaker of the house it has been required that they travel on military transport since 9/11, you remember 9/11 right. As 2nd in line of succession for the presidency, that small part of the constitution many forget. I’m all for spouses paying there own way on, as is required by law. So let’s take this principle to all of the Cabinet members, senators and house of representatives and see what we come up with and who uses and how often and who travels with them. On top of that let’s track who get free flights from private companies and special interest groups. What ya think, since you so concerned about travel arrangements.

    1. 2nd line of succession is Vice President Pence? You have been listening to MSNBC again haven’t you? And if you are insinuating that only conservatives will be found to be abusing this, then you have gone full on cool aid drinker. I guess you forgot all about how Obamas girls were flown to New York city, and other places on govt planes to party the night away. And lets not forget Michel Obamas African vacation on the tax payers dime cost us over $100,000,000.

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