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Iran’s Blacklisted Populist Opposition Movement That the West Should Know About

Iran’s largest opposition force is not the Pahlavi family, or the Mujahideen e Khalq but a populist secularist movement called Restart

On the USA dar Farsi Twitter account  Secretary of State Mike Pompeo tweeted out to the Iranian public as the 40th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution approached wanting to hear from Iranians to see what they hope for the future of Iran, and as you could see for yourself that the response was overwhelmingly from this movement called Restart.

The massive support on social media that was shown for this blacklisted and heavily censored movement sent shockwaves through globalist opposition factions in Iran. The opposition force that is most scared is the Mujahideen e Khalq a terrorist cult led by Masoud and Maryam Rajavi was founded in 1965 it helped to overthrow the Shah and replace it with the Mullahs, the MEK fought alongside Saddam Hussein in the Iran Iraq war in the brutal war that slaughtered tens of thousands of Iranian civilians. The MEK committed disgusting atrocities like burying children alive. The MEK hides out in a compound in Albania where they separate members from their families, they are blocked from most contact in the outside world.  MEK defectors who have fled the cult detail sexual abuse at the hands of cult leaders. The MEK is a violent Radical Islamic terror cult with connections to Hillary Clinton and John Bolton.

The MEK alleges that the Restart Movement is an Iranian Ministry of Intelligence operation meant to turn people away from who the MEK claims is the real opposition in Iran. That is a pretty rich claim for them to make when a leaked memo from the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence showed a panicked Islamic revolutionary mafia panicking over the rise and growing popularity of Restart among the people of Iran. The statement read as follows, translated from Farsi,


To all security agencies

Topic: Restart threats

With respect to prophet Muhammad and his descendants,

With respect, according to letter no. 26795/m, dated 29/12/2018 from the Security head office of the Ministry of Interior, as per the received information, the leader of Restart Opposition (Seyed Mohammad Hosseini) had an interview with Infowars media channel (based in the US) after 7 months of silence. And alongside of this he released threatening statements against the Islamic Republic regime, he addressed himself as one of the powerful oppositions, and he called other groups, especially the Monafeghin [MEK] and proponents of Monarchy (Reza Pahlavi); ‘agents of the regime’.

And he declared the following to his fans in and out of the country:

– Be prepared for a proper war with the Islamic Republic regime.

– Not having the funds and media besides the media boycotts would cause our doctrine not to grow, but currently, this opposition has controlled the forces and soon we will see an attack from inside the regime.

– We have the support of the US and the president of this country for our plans.

Considering the above points, it is necessary that any news and information related to plans, activities, and probable provocations of this opposition will be reflected to this head office with an indication of ‘urgent’.

In addition, with attention to the strategies the above-mentioned person used to make himself known in the national and international arenas, it is mandatory you avoid and prevent any action that causes his name to spread in the media, and you will need to let everyone in charge know this as well.

Mohammad Khani
[Director of Security for Khorasan Province, Iran]

Restart Movement leader Seyed Mohammad Hosseini was a wildly popular television star on Iranian Television, who was gaining so much traction the regime begged for him to become a mouthpiece for the regime. He went into exile in the United States and he now lives in Anaheim commanding the support of millions of Iranians.

At the core of what the Restart Movement and what it seeks is to build a very secular state like what Persia has been in the past, to unite the nation under a Persian cultural identity. The Restart Movement seeks to change the name of the country of Iran back to Persia, restoring what is a very beautiful country with a rich history and a great culture that the Islamic Republic has tried to repress. As you read that the Restart Movement wants to hand 2,500 traitors and murderers to the Cyrus Empire’s  Independent Judge, that means basically the judicial system the Restart Movement seeks is the same as what the Empire of Cyrus the Great had. The Restart Movement wants to kick out the British and the Russians and really regain complete control over Persian sovereignty.

The Restart Movement wants to arm the Iranian people so that it can be a check against any sort of future attempts to become dictatorial and subjugate the Iranian people again.

The protection of the right to speak freely is a very important proposal to the Restart Movement and it is important for the Persia which the Restart Movement seeks to build.

With the goal of adding yet another way to make the government responsive to the needs of the people there are specific days where media will be obliged to broadcast the protests, the questions, and the concerns, people have on the issues of the day that they face. Lack of accountability in politics has made many politicians in the west completely give up even pretending to try to connect to the constituents they are elected to represent.

The Restart Movement seeks other ideas such as making the wearing of the hijab optional, aggressive crackdown on polygamy, and to get the state out of the business of policing couples’  relationship. Much of what they seek is a mix of the US constitution, Plato’s Republic, and Cyrus the Great’s Right of Nations.

Seyed Mohammed Hosseini has genuinely mortified just about every big interest in global politics only with the Trump administration being the only exception to this.

He wrote a book online with instructions on personal health, strength, training, and how to win a revolution. He brilliantly taught them how to use aliases.

After they were done challenges were issued to those who are fighting in Iran to break free from the Islamist dictatorship. The paintball challenge was one which Restart Members would spray government buildings showing them targets of the people. The noise bomb challenge encouraged Restart Members in June 2017 to set off fireworks and disrupt regime forces again. The challenge of wisdom tried to get Iranian celebrities to take part in criticizing the regime but no one did and then Restart members unleashed countless Iranian patriots unleash profanity-filled tweets letting the corrupt mullah mafia rob the Persian people. Then regime buildings were hammered by rocks. Then the fire challenge was ordered where Basij and Bank buildings were set on fire as long as no one was hurt.

I don’t endorse a regime change war in Iran, I want to see the Iranian people overthrow the mullahs, as with Islamic theocracy as long as we aren’t in a regime change war, I tend to be sympathetic towards those who want to remove Islamist dictators but when its I am an absolutely not then but that is a different question.

I don’t want to see the subjugation of women anymore, I don’t want to see the Iranian central bank and the government rob people of their money, I want to see the Basij and the Sepah removed from Persia.

As the Islamic Republic collapses in Iran, the Restart Movement will go more mainstream in global news, as it gets closer to winning power and taking Persia into a new enlightened age of prosperity secularism freedom and democracy in a country where it will all work. I look forward to the day Persia returns under secularism freedom and nationalism as it is a beautiful country with a rich history and great culture.

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  1. Thanks for publishing about the right news and the RESTART Movement.

    The regime of Iran has boycotted the VOICE OF RESTART. And the efforts of the people and our leader have been to break the silence. So that the whole world will talk about the RESTART movement , and about Restarting the country of Iran. With the help of lovers of freedom and human rights, we will succeed.

    1. I will do everything I can to get the truth out and to support the Restart Movement. God bless!

  2. Thank you very much for posting the Release Option. It’s just a way to save the restart

  3. Thank you Andrew for contributing this awesome article. We can’t have too many of these because of mainstream media censorship. Thank you man.

    1. Thank you for the kind words I really appreciate it and I am honored to help.

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