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How Is A Government Shutdown Different From A Private Company Union Strike?

The issue of government employees not getting checks during a government shutdown is nothing new in America. Union strikes are all too common, and union members don’t get paid by their employers during the time the union conducts a strike. One thing in the favor of government employees while out on a shutdown is that they will be paid for the time they were out of work, once the shutdown is ended. Non-government employees don’t have this cushy, elitist benefit.

One would like to know the reasoning for this favoring of government employees, who do get paid after-the-fact, at the expense of private sector union members, who do not get paid while they’re idle. After all, it can reasonably be argued that when government shutdowns are called for budgetary disagreements, the future wage increases of government employees is part of the outcome of the shutdown of their jobs, just the same as the union members’ pay is an outcome of the strike. And sometimes the union members do not get a pay raise at the end of the strike, much less an after-the-fact paycheck; it depends on the negotiations that the union officials and the company management finally agree to.

In matters of private industry labor relations, the union usually makes the decision to strike in order to get more money or better benefits for its members, while in the current government shutdown we’re experiencing, the Democrat leadership made the decision to not give necessary and asked-for money to President Trump so he could build a much-needed wall on our southern border. And since the government employees are largely Democrat party members, they can just blame Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer for causing their wage interruption while the Democrat politicians mope and complain about the latest evil to hit America; Donald Trump and his insistence on protecting the American citizens with a barrier that will block, or at least impede, illegal entrance into the United States.

If Democrat party members, those who are also, as regards the subject of this piece, government employees, are sufficiently upset about being out of work during the Democrat-caused shutdown, they need to start voting Republican in future elections and get rid of the Democrat vermin who are destroying America with their hate-anything-Trump idiotic positions, and who are leaving our borders open to any diseased, child-molesting, criminal element who want to come here and collect Democrat-promised goodies the rest of their lives.

And we need to stop giving government employees back-pay just because they lacked sufficient foresight to vote Republican, which vote may have avoided the current shutdown that under Democrat leadership seems to have been inevitable, given the radical rabble dominant in the Democrat party leadership.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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