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Best Coastal Cities in Florida to Buy A Home in 2019

Millions of people visit the sunshine state each year for all the culture, beautiful weather, entertainment, fishing, boating, and outdoor activities that Florida offers. Many of these folks wind up coming back to buy a home, so they can enjoy Florida all year round. But with so many great areas to explore, how do you experience it all and choose the best place to live? There are also many things to take into consideration like, what cities have the best schools, and communities. Plus, Florida has an array of gorgeous coastal cities like Miami, Ft Lauderdale, Delray Beach, Tampa, and many more. Maybe you prefer to live near major Florida attractions like the Magic Kingdom, or Bush Gardens. Finally, whichever place you end up loving the most, you then must consider the Real Estate values, some coastal cities in Florida are affordable, while others demand a premium.

Stuart, Florida, Waterfront Condos

Most people don’t know about Stuart, Florida, because it’s one of the Treasure Coasts hidden gems. This coastal, beachfront town is situated 30 minutes north of Palm Beach and embodies the boating lifestyle. You can see Salt life stickers everywhere you go, and the people are friendly, interesting and know how to fish!

If you enjoy being outside, swimming, fishing, or boating then this may be the place for you. Moreover, the saltwater feel flows right into the properties like many Stuart FL condos for sale in 2019 are finished with tropical styles, with the rite amount of modern touches to be comfortable.

The Real Estate market remains strong in Stuart and the Treasure Coast of Florida in recent years. The affordable prices for waterfront properties has contributed to the steady growth of local Real Estate values. The area has seen 8% to 10% growth in 2018, and the property values for waterfront condos will increase in Stuart during 2019 according to Zillow’s city projections. For waterfront properties you can expect to pay between $400,000 to, $3 Million.

Delray Beach Intracoastal Homes

One of the most beautiful areas in Palm Beach County is Delray Beach. The city is known for it’s lively night-life on Atlantic Ave., which features five-star restaurants, live bands, street-side bars and high-end shopping. It’s nothing to see Bentleys and Ferraris parked on the Avenue night and day. Delray can be expensive once you cross over the Intracoastal bridge and enter the beachside. Homes can become mansions in this area, and you can easily see their 50 plus ft yachts docked behind the properties, yearning to set sail on their next voyage into the Atlantic Ocean.

These waterfront homes come with giant swimming pools and modern adornments like automatic security gates and security monitoring systems. Some properties are 6 bedrooms, with libraries and custom wine cellars. People love Delray because they can enjoy all the city has to offer, plus relax having fun-in-the-sun year-round. The Real Estate values have done especially well in the high end, waterfront sector in the past few years, and expecting a 3% to 5% increase in 2019 is viable. For larger waterfront homes in Delray Beach your going to spend between $600,000 to $6 Million.

Miami Beach Oceanfront Condos

No doubt the most well-known city in Florida is Miami Beach. Even if you have never been there you have seen it on television programs, or in motion pictures like Miami Vice. The beaches are gorgeous by day and they are notorious for hosting an electric night-life after the sun goes down. People from around the world come to Miami each year in droves to experience the culture, fashion, design, and elegance that is Miami Florida.

This also means that most of the homes for sale in Miami very expensive and exclusive to more financially astute people. However, there are some bargains to be had on the beach and some oceanfront condos in Miami, are sold for less than you might think.

Buildings like Apogee, Bentley Bay, W South Beach, The Floridian, and others have oceanfront condos, maxed out in luxury and appeal. It’s true that they can sell for $10 Million or more, but that’s if you want the penthouse, or close to it. Although Miami Beach is world renowned for amazing condos set directly on the beach, with South Beach entertainment at your door-steps, the area’s Real Estate market has slowed down considerably the past 3 years. That’s great for potential investors since the more reasonably priced homes are in the range of $500,000 to $2 Million, depending on size, location, and views of course.


With so many fabulous places to choose from in Florida, it can be difficult to narrow them down. The best part of being here is to enjoy the sunshine and relax in Florida city that is your personal paradise. You can truly have it all within a few hours drive. So, if you decide to live in Miami you can always drive a few hours North to experience the fishing and boating of a lifetime in Stuart. If you wind up buying your home in Delray and want to live it up in Miami Beach for the night, or the weekend, you’re just a short drive away. Plus, any of the cities featured here makes a solid financial investment you can count on and can see in the past years steady home Real Estate markets.

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