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Government Shutdown? What Government Shutdown?

One listens to the self-centered fools who make up the majority of our federal government, and one wonders what these silly individuals are thinking.

They insist that the world will end if the government “shuts down”. They believe that if they project a disastrous outcome to a “shutdown” loudly and frequently enough, that the rabble out here in fly-over country will believe them, and that disaster would indeed be the result. Because we believe that real people’s lives will NOT be negatively impacted by a government shutdown is the reason so many of us praised President Trump when he said, in a recent meeting in the White House with Nancy and Chuck, the famous Democrat Dancing Duo, that he would take the “blame” for a shutdown if he was forced to reject the Democrat offer that contained no funding for his border wall. Nancy and Chuck had played the childhood game of I-dare-you with the budget, and Trump was smart enough to know that there was no down-side to a rejection of the lefts’ ridiculous budget offering, and that only “credit” could come of his causing a shutdown.

But the Democrats are so wrapped up in themselves and their cleverness, and their sanctuary stupidity, and their rejection of common sense and the welfare owed American citizens, that they could not foresee the dumb game they played with Trump, who is a master of gamesmanship and has won round one in this battle with the Democrat leaders.

The life of the average American hasn’t been impacted one whit by the Washington, Deep State, Swamp and their non-stop abuse of the citizens they were elected to protect, and I pleasantly look forward to a long government shutdown that will prove once and for all that American citizens hold the power, not the DC rulers, and their silly threat of a disastrous shutdown is without any real and lasting impact on our lives.

Government is irrelevant. People who work for their families and take care of themselves (which is the essence of Ayn Rand’s idea of The Virtue Of Selfishness) have no need for government except to provide for the common protection of our borders and our sovereignty, and lately, until Donald Trump came along, government has been doing a piss-poor job of providing any protection for American citizens. So one delights in a government action intended by Democrats to upset and frighten the entire nation, while those of us who accept responsibility for our own welfare, feel the non-impact of Trump’s rejection of the Democrat budget offer.

One also supports Donald Trump on his proposal to withdraw troops from Syria and Afghanistan. Of course, when Obama pulled troops out of Iraq his move was only based on his hate for the military, plus it was a poke in the eye of George Bush for getting America into the seemingly never-ending conflict in the first place. On the positive side,
it also ended Obama’s anti-military Rules of Engagement where all of the power and control of a battle rested in the hands of our enemies and assured our eventual loss in the occupation. But Trump is getting out because we sent troops to do a job, they did the job well, and now they’re coming home.

President Trump has shown resolve and a serious intent in the Middle East by crushing ISIS, as opposed to Obama’s weak-sister design to only “contain” them. With all of the political and economic winning America has experienced since the election of President Trump, we trust him to do the right thing, and we support his withdrawal of troops and bringing our young men and women back home for a change, instead of the liberal policy to station soldiers all over the world, and leave them there in perpetuity.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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