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Citizens From Another Leftist, Socialist, Anti-American Nation Praise President Trump

Not only have we heard the good citizens of Tijuana, Mexico advance the ideas of Donald Trump, but now the absolutely most sophisticated people on the planet earth, the enlightened citizens of France, have also expressed agreement with the thoughts of our president.

The citizens of Tijuana were persuaded to Trump’s side of the political discussion when the caravan, which the American press promised the citizens of America did not exist and was not a band of invaders moving north to occupy America, actually reached our borders and got stalled just south of San Diego and became a burden and a health risk for Mexico.

The lying, liberal press also asserted that the non-existent band of trekkers, once they got here, would be peaceful, good people, made up exclusively of families who would be wonderful citizens, who would behave nicely and enter America only to pay taxes and take the jobs that Americans will no longer do. Can anyone see any contradictions in the presses’ presentation of this blatant attack on American soil, in which they first say that there is no caravan, then they assure us that the members of the non-existent caravan are mainly women and children, and when the military-aged men, who make up 90 percent of the invading crowd, attack our border guards, the United States citizens who risk their lives daily defending the border from invasion are blamed for the entire melee?

And now the French citizens, who already pay outrageously high gasoline taxes, have exploded in reaction to the latest, and possibly highest, tax ever placed on a gallon of gasoline by the leftist French president, who raised the new tax on carbon fuel in order to save the planet from the fraudulent horrors of Global Warming, Climate Change, or whatever the radical left is calling this phony cause at the moment. Because of the uprising of the French “Gilets jaunes” protesters and rioters, the French president rescinded his tax increase, so now we’ll all burn to death within a week or two now that Warming/Change has been unleashed on the population of the earth with the rescission of this new carbon tax. Chantings of praise for Donald Trump for his stance against the Paris treaty were heard from many French protestors, because our President Trump had the backbone to remove America from this leftist, Socialist movement intended to undermine the liberties of all people, everywhere.

President Trump is increasingly convincing the unfortunate people of the world, trapped behind Socialist governments, that his ideas serve them better than the ideas of their own governments. I would be willing to bet that the newly impoverished people of Venezuela would also praise President Trump over the fool Hugo Chavez, who has ruined that once-wealthy nation and has imprisoned its citizens in destitution and misery.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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