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The Left’s Checkered History With “Immigration”

When one considers the left’s attraction to the cause of immigrants entering a nation, one looks for clues of consistency or contradiction in their actions.

England’s leftist Prime Minister, Neville Chamberlain, gave every appearance of being an admirer of Adolph Hitler and assumed that Hitler’s invasion of Poland in 1939 was made simply as an armed form of “immigration” as the Germans rightfully entered Poland and took what they wanted, things that were improperly taken from them when the former Prussia was reconfigured following World War I. Old Adolph was probably just trying to make a better world for Germans when he signed the Peace In Our Time agreement with Chamberlain, just like the current American left tells us that the invaders from Central America are just escaping oppression from their home nation and only want to work for America and pay American taxes; invaders always claim to want to make things better for the citizens of the nations they invade.

Cuba has had little experience with people trying to get into Castro’s island paradise the last 50 years or so, but they did seem to really hate it when Cubans tried to leave their little piece of heaven and “immigrate” to the United States. Death or imprisonment under the Castro regime was the price to pay for trying to get out of Cuba and into Florida. But Castro reversed his stance against his citizens leaving Cuba when he arranged transport for them on the Muriel Boatlift, which, like the current caravans from Central America, also dumped hundreds of criminals from Cuban jails into America, and poor old Jimmy Carter took the bait hook, line and sinker. Jimmy bought the story of the Muriel boat people just seeking a better life in America and he probably thought they desperately wanted to contribute by paying taxes in their new country.

The Soviet Union agreed with Castro’s policy of forbidding their own Russian citizens from leaving Mother Russia, or, one might say, immigrating outward, from this Communist nation, and they even built a wall which, unlike the American wall whose intent is to keep people out, the Russian wall kept Russians in, sort of like a prison, and was therefore a denial of the international right to “immigrate” anywhere at anytime, as leftists all over the world would phrase it. However, at the time the Soviets were forcing Russian citizens and Eastern Europeans to live under their brutal dictatorship, the leftists of the world , and most telling, Democrats in America, were silent on the principle of allowing poor people to flow freely across borders and into any nation they thought would be a more pleasant place to live. Leftists were silent with Soviet totalitarian rule, but discovered a new right to leave and enter a nation at will, only when America was pronounced by Democrats as being the bad guy for trying to keep illegal aliens from swamping our borders, and when they could heap abuse on Donald Trump.

Sweden, France and Germany all willingly allowed tens of thousands of Middle Easterners to enter their nations, but they have come to regret this kindness because the immigrants will not allow any religion except Islam to be worshiped nor any legal system other than Sharia to be practiced. So northern Europeans are suffering for letting in the unwashed masses from Syria, etc.

American leftists love the idea of a flood of Central Americans entering the United States and voting for radical-left Democrat candidates, but these phony, oh-so-caring persons live largely in the northeastern states of America or in northwestern coastal areas, and the immigrants are stacking up far away in Tijuana at the moment, so the threat seems far away to these precious, political leftists.

It’s plain that the leftists of the world don’t care a whit about the “rights” of immigrants. Their main concern is with destroying capitalist nations by allowing as many poor people to invade a western nation as possible, and American leftists have added the additional incentive of opposing everything that President Trump wants to do, especially if his goals undermine or reverses anything Barack Obama did in his destructive eight years in office.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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