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Joe Scarborough Accuses Voters Of Supporting An ‘Overly Bigoted’ Racist After GOP Overperforms In Midterm


by Nick Givas

Joe Scarborough accused voters of supporting an “overly bigoted” and racist President Donald Trump after the blue wave Democrats were hoping for failed to materialize.

“We’ve talked about Democrats obviously getting the big prize last night for them. There’s a lot for Democrats to be excited about. Not quite as much for Republicans because I think most people thought they were going to maintain the Senate. But still, they won some really big races,” Scarborough said on “Morning Joe” Wednesday.

“But I’ve just got to say, I think we all have to be really honest this morning. A lot of Americans decided to go out and vote, we saw it there — to support a man who spent the last month of the campaign not making subtle appeals to racism, but making overtly bigoted racist statements, attacking brown people, attacking black people, attacking people who were the others.”

Scarborough also said Trump lied about “everything” leading up to the election and wondered how average voters could convince themselves to vote for someone connected to white nationalism.

“And you could look at the lies. Again, this is — what was he lying about? The answer? Everything,” Scarborough declared.

“And I do sit here this morning and I do wonder how do you exactly square that in your mind that you went out specifically to support a guy that gained the praise of David Duke, that gained the praise of white nationalists.”

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