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Chip Roy Turns Tables On Democrats: They Have ‘Blood On Their Hands’ On The Border


by Molly Prince

Republican Rep.-elect Chip Roy urged the GOP on Sunday to stop allowing Democrats to drive the immigration narrative since their policies hurt both immigrants and Americans.

“Immigration is one of those issues that we need to turn back around on the Democrats,” Roy said on the talk show “Life Liberty & Levin.” “I’m tired of letting them take the high ground, in their opinion, that somehow they’re pro-immigrant when the worst thing they can do is in the false name of compassion, in open borders, have woman and children getting sold into the sex-trafficking business, have women riding on the top of train cars, empowering the cartels because we refuse to do our basic job as a sovereign nation and secure our border.”

“We need to turn that back around on the Democrats,” Roy continued. “It is they who have blood on their hands with what is happening on the border to these children and these kids.”

Roy handily won election to Texas’ 21st Congressional District on Nov. 6, despite the race’s portrayal as a second-tier battleground. The Texas representative-elect has been referred to as “The Next Ted Cruz” for his ultra-conservative views and will join the House Freedom Caucus when in office. He was formerly Texas GOP Sen. Cruz’s chief of staff and reportedly the architect of Cruz’s effort to shut down the government over funding Obamacare.

“And by the way, go down and spend a day on the border — let’s have hearings down in Laredo, Texas. Let’s talk to the border patrol union who’s down there,” Roy suggested. “The 72 miles of the Laredo sector — how many miles of that do you think have not just a fence, but haven’t even a road that’s navigable along the Rio Grande? Two miles.”

“[Texas border patrol] can’t see the river because the cane is too thick. They don’t have cell signals. They don’t have radio signals. They don’t have operational control of the border,” Roy continued. “The cartels do and it’s because we refuse to do our job. Let’s stick that back around on the Democrats.”

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