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America’s Leftists Constitute A Criminal Enterprise

At the moment, our radical Democrats and their wholly-owned members of the press have their panties in a twist for rumors that President Trump “thought” about prosecuting Hillary Clinton for the crimes she committed while serving as Barack Obama’s Secretary of State.

Here are two reasons why America’s leftists are absolutely out of line with their abuse of President Trump on this particular matter:

1) James Comey, at the time the Director of the FBI, on July 5, 2016, made a public statement in which he enumerated, for about fifteen minutes, the various crimes that Hillary Clinton had actually committed while serving as Secretary of State. However, Mr. Comey said that he didn’t believe that Hillary had intended to commit the crimes (which included using an illegal email server, erasing thousands of emails ordered preserved and protected by a federal court, smashing and bleaching equipment that might hold incriminating evidence, lying to investigators about her various activities in making highly classified email messages available to any who might be interested in undermining the security of the United States, etc.) so he would not seek a Grand Jury in order to start prosecution for these serious crimes. One must remember that it’s not the purview of the FBI to seek or not seek prosecution. It’s up to the Department of Justice to do that, and Loretta lynch sat on her sizable backside and did nothing to contradict Comey, so Hillary skated free of any real investigation, and absolutely no punishment.

2) Barack Obama not only “thought” about using the FBI and the DOJ to go after his political opponent, Donald Trump, he actually did use the full force of the United States government, including spying on Trump and his election team, to try to keep Trump out of office, and then when he won the election anyway, the FBI and the DNC still used illegal tactics and illegal procedures, to try to remove him from office.

Our liberal press will use any lie, and attempt any tactic, to protect Hillary and Obama and to prevent fully exposing their crimes, and that’s all one needs to know to understand that today’s Democrat party is a corrupt and criminal enterprise, and our radical press is their protector.

Every sensible, logical person in America thinks that Hillary should be in prison at this very moment for the various and critical national security crimes she committed, and since the FBI has already investigated her and knows chapter and verse of the specifics of her crimes, and only failed to put her on trial because James Comey, a political operator in FBI clothing, wanted to be in her administration after her assured election in 2016, why hasn‘t an official in the Trump DOJ revived her case for a second look?

So Americans can only look on as Hillary floats freely about in her pajamas and her unwashed hair and lies her huge butt off about all of the nasty things President Trump is doing. I for one want this woman in jail!

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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