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Melania Trump Says She Supports Men Against #MeToo Allegations



by Vandana Rambaran

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First lady Melania Trump says she supports men against #MeToo allegations and victims need to have “hard evidence” before they come forward.

Political commentators and pundits on both sides of the aisle aggressively reacted to Trump’s comments on television and otherwise.

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One comment

  1. I stand with our First Lady on this……Far too many men and their families have suffered from “false accusations”…ie: Judge Roy Moore…..coaches, teachers, pastors and even fathers….”PROOF” is no longer needed for conviction. After all ‘salacious’ is a more tasty tidbit to feed ‘naughty’ little hidden fantasies…or perhaps a feeling of superiority that we would never engage in anything like ‘that’.

    “Sex” has become weaponized .It is ‘gender neutral’ with targets such as Revenge, blackmail, power, political gain……It takes a ton of TRUTH to disarm it…and leaves a field of debris that can’t be cleaned up.
    These cases are generally tired in public while waiting for the courts where it’s “Innocent until proven guilty”

    YES,,,ALL complaints/claims MUST be investigated…YES…’inappropriate’ forms of sex should be PUNISHED…..when proven…

    Rumors, gossip, speculation can all be devastating to the accused and their families and it seems that taking the time and effort to ‘prove’ it would be time well spent….and being thankful it isn’t you….this time

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