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CNN’s Racism Backfires

done-lemon-bakari-sellers-tara-setmayer-1280x720When Kanye West visited President Trump CNN went full racist mode and attacked him using the most very blatant racist language. Don Lemon started the ball rolling by saying “what we saw was a minstrel show.”

He was accused of being an illiterate token whom black people don’t want to be black. In the segment presided over by a chuckling Don Lemon, CNN commentators Bakari Sellers and Tara Setmayer repeatedly attacked Mr. West, in terms immediately called out as racist “Kanye West is what happens when Negroes don’t read,” Mr. Sellers said.

Added Ms. Setmayer: “He’s all of a sudden now the model spokesperson. He’s the token Negro of the Trump administration?”

She also called Mr. West “an attention whore, like the president.”

CNN, just how LOW will this news organization go ? Those comments were disgusting, and RACIST, and apparently Bakari Sellers, and Tara Setmayer are both too ignorant to understand that ! Don Lemon, was NO better, LAUGHING at their comments.

I haven’t heard the term negro used in such a derogatory mode like that since the civil rights riots of the sixties. The Democrats are having a full on freakout  in their response to Kanye West’s support, indeed embrace, of Donald Trump.


As well they might…. ‘kanye is a one-man wrecking crew to their beloved identity politics.  Times change and so do world views.  According to a tweet from Real Clear Politics’ Tom Bevan, here are the various ways what we may now safely call full-blown Kanye Derangement Syndrome is expressing itself.

We can add to that Snoop Dogg calling Kanye an “Uncle Tom” and, most ridiculous and reactionary of all, Donna Brazile proclaiming ‘Ye had set blacks back “155 years.”  That, needless to say, is the same Ms. Brazile who cheated during the election by passing CNN questions in advance to Hillary Clinton and then lied about it.

The comments made against Kanye West were clearly unnecessary and not the least bit funny. It is not okay to put people down for their choices, nor make a lot of “black people” jokes when the entire panel would be furious if FOX News aired such garbage. They are not just making fun of a black male in America, but also people with mental health issues. Why shouldn’t he be “taken serious.” If Black people would just take a moment to think about what Kanye is saying, we would stop being so quick to attack.. Wake up people and stop vetting people against people. Anyone has a right to support whatever candidate they want without being harassed or considered to be a “black token”. Maybe the CNN panel above should pick up a few books to read and CNN should start finding more intellectual people to speak on behalf of the community if they find the comments made to be so hilarious.

Kanye has exposed the left as the true racists. They’ve come unhinged in a way America has been able to ignore until now. America is getting “woke” to the fact that the progressive left can’t stand the thought of one of their plantation “negroes” speaking his/her mind. What Kanye said in his meeting with Trump and the media was very sincere and from the heart and much more intelligent than the CNN people could ever be.H e expressed unbridled enthusiasm and energy in his meeting with Trump. These people would be wise to not underestimate this man. He is worth a billion dollars and earned it and is spreading it wisely to help others. He is a strong voice for the black community and these CNN panelists know it and can’t stand the fact that he loves Trump so much.

Liberals have tried to use the word racist as nothing more than a tool to shut down any and all logical discussion on facts because truth, facts, and logic don’t matter to liberals. Plus they are incapable of any form of critical thinking. They have overused the word “racist” to the point where it’s been watered down and doesn’t have the same impact or meaning. Being called a racist has about the same consequence of changing one’s socks which is what Kanye alluded to in his speech.

Kanye scares them in a way black conservatives like Ben Carson, Clarence Thomas, Thomas Sowell, etc. never could. Kanye is a product of our culture and they realize if the fabric of their dominance there is torn, it could lead to big changes that are retrograde to their hateful, death-cult agenda. The leftist hordes, all-inclusive, as long as you agree with them.

Kanye is not alone. Blacks are deserting the dem party in droves. CNN and MSNBC and their democratic masters know that if Kanye’s message resonates with Black America and they start thinking for themselves and stop towing the Democratic party line that they are done for.

Today’s @realDonaldTrump approval ratings among black voters: 35%.

This day last year: 23%

— Rasmussen Reports (@Rasmussen_Poll) October 4, 2018

No matter how you feel about polls, twelve points in one year is significant.  This is especially true (and surprising) considering the constant drumbeat from the press that Trump is a racist somewhere south of George Wallace.

Somebody isn’t buying it — and it’s not just Kanye West. If this number grows just a little bit, the Democratic Party is in deep trouble.  The party relies for its electoral power on overwhelming support from African-Americans, a dependency in itself inherently racist and suffused with reactionary identity politics.  Without the black vote, the Dems might as well rename themselves the Celluloid Party and run Hollywood agents for mayor of Malibu.  It’ll be their best chance for success.

Today’s Democrats are the natural heirs of George Wallace:  “Segregation now!  Segregation forever!”   Only their brand of segregation means segregated dorms at Harvard and a blacks-only graduation ceremony.  Talk about reactionary. Is that what MLK wanted?  Gimme a break!!.

You can hear Kanye’s full passionate, unbridled speech with Trump in the oval office HERE.

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