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Carter Page Sues DNC And Its Law Firm Over The Steele Dossier


by Chuck Ross

Former Trump campaign associate Carter Page filed a defamation lawsuit Monday against the Democratic National Committee and its law firm, which commissioned the infamous Steele dossier.

Page filed the suit in federal court in Oklahoma against the DNC, the law firm, Perkins Coie, and two of its partners, Marc Elias and Michael Sussmann.

Perkins Coie, which also represented the Hillary Clinton campaign, is the firm that hired Fusion GPS, the opposition researcher that investigated Donald Trump’s links to Russia.

Elias was Perkins Coie’s main contact to Fusion GPS, which was founded by three former Wall Street Journal reporters.

As part of the $1 million project, Fusion GPS hired former British spy Christopher Steele to conduct the investigation. The result was a 35-page dossier full of allegations that the Kremlin is blackmailing Trump and that the Trump campaign conspired with Russian operatives to influence the election.

Page, an energy consultant, features prominently in the dossier, though he vehemently denies its allegations.

In the report, which was provided to numerous journalists and the FBI, Steele alleged that Page was the Trump campaign’s back channel to the Kremlin for the purposes of conspiring to influence the election. Steele cited anonymous sources who claimed that it was Page’s idea to release stolen DNC emails through Wikileaks. The dossier also alleged that Page met secretly with two Kremlin insiders, Igor Sechin and Igor Diveykin, during a trip to Moscow in July 2016. Page has repeatedly denied meeting with either man.

Steele and Fusion GPS briefed numerous reporters on the allegations about Page, though only Yahoo! News published a story on the topic prior to the election. Page previously sued Yahoo’s parent company, Oath, Inc., over the article, which was published on Sept. 23, 2016. The lawsuit was dismissed in May, but Page has appealed the decision.

The dossier’s claims about Page did not stop just with media stories. The FBI relied heavily on Steele’s unverified report to obtain four Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrants against Page. The first warrant was granted on Oct. 21, 2016, shortly after Page left the campaign. The fourth and final warrant expired in September 2017.

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One Comment

  1. The entire primus, that anyone could actually influence the Presidential election ignores the fact that the true “Interest” that elects the President is a temporary, intermediate body of Electors that exists solely to elect the President. The Framers of the Constitution and our Republican, established the means of electing the “3rd Majority” specifically with this very thing – outside, foreign interference (in their case Great Britain, France and Spain) through corruption of any body (interest) that would elect the President – in mind. They recognized the perils to the office of one man, the President (vulnerable to corruption as concentrated authority in one man), that he would be the target of intrigue and corruption by any faction or cabal.

    That Russia – or the Democrats – could come in and corrupt the election has several distinct hurdles to overcome. The membership of the Electoral College is not a permanent body. Each State-level Political Party Central Committee that successfully petitioned to be on the ballot appoints their unique “Slate of Elector Nomanees” that do not have ANY vote until they have won the Elector position assigned by the State! In other words, all you have until Election Night is a bunch of hopefuls where at most 50% of them would actually go to their respective State Capitols 6 weeks later to cast their ballots.

    Even if you don’t quite follow the specifics of the above mouthful; surely you can understand that you would have to have an army of sneaky people to go out and corrupt enough of that Electoral body in a 6 week period to ACTUALLY sway the Election. Not only is it a temporary body spread out all over the Nation, with no other purpose than to elect the president and then go home, it is made up of Private Citizens with no more stake in the process than to vote as their afiliated party or, hopefully, their own critical assessment of the candidate causes them to choose. It would take huge amounts of money just to conduct such an opperation – not to mention the amount needed to bribe enough Electors to vote as you want. And as it stands now, if what you want is contrary to the winning Party’s desires, the Election “Judge” – usually the State’s Secretary of State – would also have to be bribed because they can destroy an Electors ballot that is contrary to their pledge (and replace that Elector with an Alternate or any qualified voter who might be handy).

    Unfortunately the Cabal of Leftist Progressives, Wilson’s propaganda aparatus (the Mainstream Media), and Democrats has already corrupted the minds of Americans who now believing that Democracy is righteous and the E.C. is anti Democracy (which indeed it is!). They fan the flames against the one thing that ACTUALLY protects presidential elections from being corrupted and co-opted; the Electoral College.

    Which brings me to my point; if the Democrats are actually concerned about foreign interference the ready solution is to reset the E.C. to its original structure where the popular vote was about electing Electors – NOT the President. Where Electors were expected to devote critical thought, based on factual information rather than Party Political emotionalism! The genius of the E.C. (as designed by the Framers) is that it is nearly impossible to corrupt! The Democrats and Deep State hypocrits don’t care about corrupting the elections. Indeed THAT is their primary means of any of their accomplishments. They HATE the College and Republican Government because it is so complex that it is very difficult to Control. Power IS control and that is the most sought after goal of their objectives. They themselves have been stealing votes and corrupting the Rupublic for over a century!

    In short it is nearly impossible to sway the Electoral College! So if anyone is truly interested in preventing intrigue, corruption, cabal and factionism they have a ready means of protection. Thank you, Oliver Ellsworth! Otherwise your motives appear, at best, disingenuous and at worst outright treasonous!!

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