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Review: Trump @War [+ trailer and link]

Steve Bannon and Victory Films is set to release Trump @War tonight at 8 pm EST, but CDN got a sneak peek at this film that highlights the biased attacks on President Donald Trump and his supporters by the left, the media and Hollywood elite – and, how he’s fighting back.

The documentary isn’t as much of a political campaign for Trump as it is his policies. Contrasting Democrats tax-and-spend with Trump’s smaller government approaches to just about everything while interweaving the media’s clear bias throughout. Through the course of the hour-and-a-quarter-hour limited biopic, Bannon measures Democratic failures against Trump’s successes on foreign policy, domestic policy and everything in between.

The film opens with CNN”s Don Lemon going on a long diatribe that he ends by implying that Trump voters should go … do things to themselves. While the film contains graphic violence and language, we’ll refrain in the review.

A string of scenes featuring Hollywood elite, media hosts, and leftist protestors insulting and defaming Trump and his supporters finishes out the opening sequence with haunting music in the background. The multitude of incidents where Trump supporters were violently attacked is startling and should be a message to the left that their rhetoric is getting out-of-hand.

The film then chronicles Donald Trump’s meteoric rise to the presidency from the primaries and right through Hillary – even pointing out that while Trump rallies were pulling in packed houses in large arenas, Hillary struggled to bring in hundreds – most of whom were likely staff, press or had nothing else to do.

Bannon’s look at Trump’s candidacy effectively shows Trump as a man of the people his supporters understand and appreciate.

“I thought Donald Trump was one of the first politicians in awhile who looked at voters and saw them as real people,” said John Zmirak, co-author of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration. “People with real everyday problems. And [Trump] saw them as fellow Americans.”

“He saw them as a kind of National Family,” Zmirak added.

Trump @War contrasts Hillary’s approach to common folks with her calling them “deplorables” and other leftist, identity politcs-based attacks. Her holier-than-thou attitude and disdain for a large segment of America would lead to her ultimate loss. ‘Deplorable’ has since become prominent in Twitter profiles, internet memes, Facebook descriptions and more. T-shirts, bumper stickers .. an entire community.

Then the film takes the viewer on a journey from Trump’s Inauguration and through the first years of his presidency – a presidency that has been like none before it – a presidency the media and ‘the swamp’ has treated more unfairly than all before it.

“Now that Donald Trump holds the most powerful seat in the world, his is faced with opposition from all sides,” Dr. Sebastian Gorka says. “The Democrats, never-Trumpers inside his own party, and the so-called Deep State.”

Bannon effectively makes the case that the Deep State then began its own effort to get rid of a sitting president of the United States – the Russian collusion investigation. And, that despite that “witch hunt”, the president has had a multitude of victories for the American people that have created the most robust U.S. economy in decades, a more conservative federal bench, reduced regulations, strengthened the military and renegotiated trade in the country’s favor.

From ISIS to North Korea, the documentary lines up foreign policy victory after victory that Trump has achieved during his first term – victories Obama failed to attain, or even approach, during his entire eight years.

Then… China. The segment on China’s goals for 2021, 2025 and 2049 should be a wake-up call to Americans who do not want to return to weak-kneed, bowing, non-functional policy in regards to the Asian totalitarian regime. China is implementing imperialism through economic, political and militaristic means … let that sink in.

The film does a good job of showing the bias in the media, dishonest moves by the left, the evil lurking in the deep state and the enemies abroad. It does this without ad hominem attacks or hero-like adulation. It does this, by showing America the truth: Trump is At War, and he intends to continue winning.

Want to see the movie for free? Click HERE to register to one of a limited number of passes to see the film tonight and see the trailer HERE.

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  1. I got the email with the link to watch Trump @War and will be watching the movie later today. Looks like a great movie! Make America Great Again should not be thought of as a one-sided partisan political saying. Making American Great Again (aka successful and profitable) is good for everyone in this country regardless of political party or lack thereof. Even those against Trump will benefit from the success of our country as a whole.

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