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McCarthy: Democrats treatment of Kavanaugh has ignited the GOP base

House Majority Leader Keven McCarthy (R-CA23) said that momentum for the 2018 midterms has swung to Republicans after voters saw how Democrats treated Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

“Prior to the Kavanaugh hearing, the intensity level was really on the Democratic side,” McCarthy told Maria Bartiromo on Sunday. “In the last week, there’s been a fundamental shift. People are becoming upset.”

McCarthy also pointed out that people became disgusted at how Democrats handled both Kavanaugh and Dr. Ford and that emotion is likely to carry through to the November elections.

“I was at an event yesterday and one of the candidates said ‘I was having a hard time having volunteers come up. Now their just coming to the headquarters,” McCarthy added.

McCarthy also said that Republicans chances of holding on to the house, have gotten much better.

“I think it’s changed drastically,” he said. “We look at just the absentee ballots. Those who are requesting ballots prior — That has increased over the last week. We look at volunteerism coming into the campaign. We look at things that are happening online. And remember, Republicans are at a disadvantage.”

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