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Democrats are the party of enslavement

Democrats cling on to power through their scheme to impoverish, make dependent, and exploit people for their votes. That scheme, except for the vote part, was the bedrock of slavery. Slavery, while still existing in many parts of the world, has transmuted in America from control over individual slaves, to control over great masses of Americans for their votes, i.e., for political gain. How is this done?

Firstly, the middle class must be diminished. Look at what has happened under the Democrats. Our middle class was crushed, unemployment soared, people lost their savings and their homes, families failed, our industrial base was hollowed out, our military fell into disrepair, and entire cities and states have failed, e.g., Chicago, Los Angeles, Baltimore, and Illinois, New Jersey, California. This happened because Democrats have no viable long term plans.

Democrats want people to be helpless and dependent. Democrats can then make promises and break them with impunity because they know that the people are powerless to do anything about it because they need their “nourishment”. It is a sordid scheme, and it is time to stop it.

Ask this: If the middle class is destroyed, what happens to the people in the lower class who are struggling just to get by? How do they ever improve their lot? Without a thriving middle class, they are stuck! Enslaved in poverty and dependence to be exploited by the Democrats. It is a sick, sick scheme. You can change it if you vote for results not promises.

It is your precious right to be independent and free in this greatest nation on earth, our United States of America. Stand up, take control and cast out the modern day slavers. You, your loved ones and America will be better off for your efforts. What better gift can you give?

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  1. Act 1
    Enter stage left……SOCIALISM
    Act 2
    Socialism fades into SLAVERY AND BONDAGE


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