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Where Are The RICO Laws When We Need Them?

On August 15th The Oregonian published a statement expressing its intent to assemble a gaggle of liberal news organizations to oppose and silence President Trump for his “regular attacks” and the “name-calling coming out of Washington, D.C.” And all of this united effort from the leftist press is in opposition to President Trump and his tendency to truthfully identify the press’s daily misleading and inaccurate reporting as, indeed, being “fake news”.

Aside from the fact that as individual publishing companies, all liberal newspapers and cable channels have railed against President Trump daily for the entire time he’s been in office, and setting aside the fact that if the agencies get together and decide how to make this joint effort happen that the result will indeed itself, be “fake”, contrived news, where are the racketeering laws that prohibit price-setting or in this case, news-setting, on the part of public companies?

If Ford, General Motors and Chrysler got together for a political or economic effort to produce the same car at the same price, the FBI would have all of the CEOs in jail under the RICO laws for consorting and colluding. But many publishers can assemble to develop an attack against Trump and a defense against his complaints, and this raises no flags about racketeering?

And if any for-profit companies commingled money and time in an effort to support Trump, the “fake news” people would fill their drawers and make a Russia-backed deal out of it. And they would be especially upset if the defense of Trump and his charges against liberal publishers came from conservative news sources.

But just as the FBI had the goods on Hillary and nothing was done to punish her for her numerous email abuses and for sharing classified information with unauthorized staffers, the leftist press can do anything they want toward their socialist ends, and all we hear is crickets from our law enforcement agencies as the godfathers of the press hold forth against our president.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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