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The Left’s Political Jihad Against Trump, The Constitution And America

When it comes to waging war, Democrats keep their eyes open at all times for ways to win their conflicts. Guerilla warfare was a bit too messy for them (after all, most of the guns are owned by patriotic, traditional Americans, who know how to use them), and Communism, Rules For Radicals instructions and the radical-left presidency of community organizer Barack Obama were tried and got them a great distance toward their goals, but the election of Donald Trump to the Oval Office upset their plans and threw them for a loop, so they decided to try a new tack and employ the no-holds-barred tactics of deadly serious radical Islamists.

If you’ve ever wondered why Democrats have gone completely insane since Donald Trump became president, one should be able to see as ISIS-like mode of commitment to their cause coming from America’s radical, political left, as Trump’s administration of traditional values and respect for the constitution meets the absolutely un-American political left and their insistence of forcing their “religion” of hate, anti-constitutionalism, socialism and self-identity on our nation.

We suddenly, and without warning, find ourselves in a 21st Century reverse-crusade where the American left has joined the world’s radical Islamists in their Jihad against Western values, and as such this force can be expected to behave in opposition to anything and everything President Trump proposes and stands for. There is no action that President Trump’s enemies can take that they would consider too extreme, unlawful, improper or wrong, in their attempts to oppose Trump and any of his administration, in their unbalanced attempt to get rid of him.

So we can expect the coming years to be even more violent and disruptive than the past couple of years, as old-time leftist racists and just plain criminals join the radical Democrats, the lying press and never-Trumpers to force a change of direction, against the will of the American people, in the governance of America.

The real shame and the added confusion of the situation is that the open borders and sanctuary cities scheme is supported by both the Chamber of Commerce, in search of cheap labor, and the radical left as they try to assemble dedicated voters to keep them in power. So real American citizens are being buried under Communist/socialists lies, appeals for cheap labor and leftist-voter pressures that they cannot fight, except to vote, and let’s hope and pray that enough Americans continue to participate in elections and vote against the revisionist bums as the violence and pressures from the forces of darkness move toward their power dominance.

With admitted socialists and communists now in the Democrat party preparing for a serious run at the presidency in 2020 and beyond, the situation will become additionally confusing as all-of-the-above radical, self-serving forces ally themselves to oppose President Trump and other traditional Americans, who will defend the constitution in an attempt to remain free and keep our nation prosperous.

Much of Europe is already beyond saving. England is so politically correct and so protective of Muslims that they will imprison their own members of the press for writing the truth about the Muslim population and the unspeakable things that go on in Sharia neighborhoods. It appears that the ruling classes in England will do nothing to save the European, Christian traditions and values that made that nation great, as Islamic radicals over-run and over-populate the continent and take it back to the fifth Century.

Democrats have adopted the tactics of our enemies to attack and undermine this great nation and they must pay the price for this treason at the ballot box.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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