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Open Borders Judge Halts Illegal Alien Deportations

A federal judge with a clear “open borders” agenda has ordered the Trump administration to halt deportations of illegal alien minors and adults who crossed the border together.

Judge Dana Sabraw of the U.S. District Court in San Diego ordered the pause until July 23 while he decides if a case filed by the ACLU on June 12 should result in the order being made permanent. The judge gave the Trump administration one week to file a written objection during which the order stays in effect.

The order, which would make it impossible to deport any illegal alien that crosses the border with a child, along with Sabraw’s recent ruling that prohibits the separation of children and adults caught crossing the border, fundamentally eliminate the southern border.

Thanks to Sabraw’s activist judicial philosophy, Border Patrol cannot separate minors and adults at the border, must process them within 72 hours, reunify them, then once reunified cannot deport them.

If an illegal alien has a child with him when he crosses the border, Sabraw’s June ruling makes it impossible for the border patrol to separate them. Which, if processing is to take more than 72 hours, is in violation of the ruling in Flores v. Loretta Lynch which requires minors to be moved to a non-secure, licensed childcare facility while the adult awaits processing. This forced the government to add immigration prosecutors and expedite removal proceedings.

Sabraw also ordered the government to expedite the “reunification” of separated minors and the adults with which they illegally entered the country.

Judge Sawbraw, thanks to the ACLU suit, then issued this new order which now prevents the government from removing illegal aliens who crossed into the U.S. with a minor, effectively crippling enforcement of immigration law.

If Sabraw makes the order permanent it would be appealed to the liberal and activist 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Only Congress can fix the mess at the border, but that’s not likely to happen.

Sabraw was nominated to the San Diego District court by George H.W. Bush.

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