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Illegal Aliens To Determine Make-Up Of American City School Board

San Francisco is now allowing citizens of foreign nations, including those here illegally from any nation in the world, to vote for and determine the people who will populate the city’s school board and what will be taught to the American children living in San Francisco.

Of course the sanctuary city crowd will defend this move by stating that they only want the people residing in the city and whose children attend the schools there, to determine the school board make-up, and since the sanctuary scheme allows an unknown number of illegals to live in San Francisco, they would likely claim that this is simply democracy and fairness to the illegals living there. But one would think that the American citizens living in San Francisco and paying taxes to the local school district would want to decide what their children are taught in their city and their neighborhoods and not a bunch of foreigners who know nothing of our history and our culture. If the many illegals populating sanctuary cities have indeed come from s**thole countries, as liberals insist, one might expect that the courses taught in their schools would be s**thole subjects, and that this could result in a direct down-grading of scholastic excellence that would lead to third world status for the sanctuary cities where this practice pertains.

Recently liberals in America have been filling their drawers falsely claiming that President Trump has surrendered to Russia’s Vladimir Putin and they fear what may have been promised to Putin and how this could hurt America and our security for years to come. One strongly suspects that America’s liberals care not a whit about threats to America and are using this fabricated, totally made-up subject as a political axe to use against Trump and other patriotic Americans.

In the case of San Francisco’s policy of allowing foreigners to determine the make-up of an American school board, how long will it be until foreigners will be allowed to vote to determine the mayor of an American city, the governor of a state and even the president of the United States? And if one thinks this is an unthinkable progression of events then you know nothing about Democrat, liberal, “progressive” politics, and you need to know that the “progress” will only move in an unconstitutional, illegal direction as they undermine all tradition and law, and in a short length of time they will have softened the local population enough that these illegals will be given full citizenship in all but fact.

And how does allowing alien non-citizens to vote and determine who runs our country at the state and national level differ from the left’s imagining that President Trump gave away the store to Putin in their Helsinki meeting? The current illogical argument of the left is that every individual in the world deserves to live and vote in America, so why is it that Democrats pretend to fear actions that Vladimir Putin might take? Are they discriminating against a Russian citizen in favor of a Guatemalan? Just as liberal fools in San Francisco would argue that the Guatemalans deserve to be able to vote to determine how United States history should be taught, one could argue that Putin just wants to determine the state of our military preparedness and what new weapons we may be developing, and whether or not to abide by the United States constitution and our laws once foreigners are allowed to determine the future of this nation.

Leftists will never stop pushing the subversive envelope of their rhetoric to gain control of America and make it just another s**thole nation, with them running the whole thing. That’s what happened to Mexico, Haiti and San Salvador, and it will happen here unless liberal, radical Democrats are voted out of every elected office in America. But in the meantime the remainder of the nation can sit back and watch the sanctuary cities and states that liberal politicians control, deteriorate in quality of life, education, wealth and liberty with their loon leftist leaders in charge and moving toward Marxist/Socialist nirvana.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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