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San Francisco Blacklists 22 States With Pro-Life Laws

The mayor of San Francisco announced Thursday that the city is blacklisting twenty-two states due to their pro-life laws. Mayor London Breed and Supervisor Vallie Brown, who is the author of the new ordinance, announced Thursday that the city will be restricting travel and limiting contracting with 22 states, according to the Los Angeles Times. The ban will go into ...

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Proposed Embarcadero Waterfront Homeless Shelter Not A Treat For San Francisco Residents

The Port Commission of San Francisco is set to approve a prime Embarcadero waterfront location for what will be the largest homeless shelter in the city. The facility, called a “SAFE Navigation Center,” will house at least 200 people and provide comprehensive social services for the area’s homeless, including care for pets and access to storage. “SAFE” stands for “Shelter ...

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San Francisco Creates District For Trans People To Spread Gender-Fluid Culture

San Francisco created a special cultural district for transgender persons, marking the first legal transgender district created anywhere in the world. San Francisco’s Tenderloin district is now home to “Compton’s Transgender Cultural District,” The Daily Beast reported Tuesday. The Tenderloin is a triangular neighborhood located a few blocks from San Francisco’s City Hall. It is also San Francisco‘s most notorious drug district, according ...

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San Francisco Is Not A Sanctuary City If You Don’t Play by Its Rules, Says Black Landlord Anne Kihagi

The assault on black landlord Anne Kihagi began because she refused to play by the unspoken rules in San Francisco, where tenants get away with almost everything and landlords dare not speak up. They should even be afraid of visiting their own buildings, as Ms. Kihagi learned when Judge Angela Bradstreet penalized her $5,000 for visiting her building’s common area ...

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Who Should Police Over SAN Francisco City Attorney’s Questionable Ethics

The case of City of San Francisco v. Anne Kihagi calls into question ethical judicial and prosecuting practices, the latter of which often dances the line on conflict of interest issues. Attorney Karen Uchiyama, a defense lawyer in this contentious case, references a 1985 California Supreme Court ruling that clarifies the role of a public attorney, in contrast to a ...

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Illegal Aliens To Determine Make-Up Of American City School Board

A Bridge Too Far

San Francisco is now allowing citizens of foreign nations, including those here illegally from any nation in the world, to vote for and determine the people who will populate the city’s school board and what will be taught to the American children living in San Francisco. Of course the sanctuary city crowd will defend this move by stating that they ...

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Latino Church Spooked After Man Shows Up Wearing Fake ICE Jacket

It’s understandable that Latino communities chock full of undocumented immigrants are on edge due to the early success of President Trump’s policy to deport criminal illegal aliens, but nerves were jangled after an apparent prankster played a dirty trick on churchgoers. The incident took place earlier this month in California when an individual – who has been identified as an employee ...

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San Francisco Too Expensive for Socialists to Live There

Leftists have been so successful at turning San Francisco into a “social justice” paradise that it’s getting harder for the rank–and–file cultural socialist to afford to live there. Statists who are already residents are being squeezed by higher property taxes and rising rent, while lefties who make their own Hajj to Bagdad–on–the–Bay and want to remain in the city can’t ...

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Fire on eastern span of S.F. Bay Bridge

Fire on bay bridge

Pictures of flames rising out of the drainage grates on the San Francisco Bay Bridge are surfacing on social media. Fire is coming through the grates on the eastern span of the Bay Bridge going eastbound pic.twitter.com/8kMUeRYhMG — Todd Johnson (@todd__johnson) July 14, 2015 According to California officials, debris in a drainage grate had caught fire, but has since been ...

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San Francisco Residents Demand Mayor Remove ‘Abortion Hurts Women’ Banners

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 14, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ — Saturday, January 25 marks the 10th Anniversary of San Francisco’s Walk for Life West Coast. Each year, the Walk for Life West Coast finds a new way to get its message across in the sometimes-hostile city of San Francisco. In 2009, organizers advertised the event with a billboard on US 80, which was ...

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The “Everyone Gets a Trophy” CF Bowl Game

The college football bowl season has been a long-standing mainstay of American tradition where even the most casual of sports fans gather around their TV sets over the holidays to enjoy the best college football teams from across the country engaging in exciting, highly competitive gridiron battles. Historically, the best teams in the nation are rewarded with big cash bonuses ...

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