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Starbucks CEO, A Liberal, White, Male, May Run For President

Starbucks Executive Chairman, Howard Schultz, is stepping down from the company he’s run for the last 10 years and is not denying that he may run for president one day. But, being the good liberal that he is, how can he attempt to win such an important position when his white privilege is what got him the Starbucks gig in the first place, and his unintentional racism is what caused the recent kerfuffle with black men being arrested for using the Starbucks restroom, which resulted in quite a shake-up at Starbucks shops around the world, as the liberal employees there were allowing their own unintentional racism to offend poor black men.

Some questions for Mr. Schultz to consider before he decides to run for the presidency:

If the CEO of a set of small coffee shops like Starbucks cannot control the actions of his already-liberal employees, how can he run an entire nation?

If Starbucks employees, people already steeped in liberal philosophy, can offend minority customers, how can Mr. Schultz pretend to run our diverse nation?

Following the above-mentioned restroom kerfuffle, Mr. Schultz jumped to a quick decision about Starbucks restrooms and who can use them, and then had to rescind his ill-thought, leftist-tilted initial order and go with plan B. And, because of Shultz’ poorly and hastily developed plan B, the Starbucks chain is now jokingly referred to as the largest public restroom chain in the world. If Mr. Schultz becomes president and our nation goes to war with a foreign nation, will our nation survive with an ill-considered plan A that falls on its face, and be able to survive a quickly assembled plan B?

With liberals preaching to us daily about how nasty, racist and misogynistic men are, and how privileged whites are, how can Mr. Schultz, who is both white and male, even think of making a presidential bid, which may both add to the white/male disaster we are told our nation has been burdened with, and would perhaps be denying a black woman her chance to become president and solve all the nation’s problems in one perfect, black and female sweep? It’s clear that Mr. Schultz’s longstanding privilege has clouded his mind as to even the possibility of fairness and equity in America, as liberals like to remind us on an hourly basis.

Actually, it’s liberal privilege that is destroying America, not white privilege, and not white men. Hillary’s liberal privilege caused the FBI to not even assemble a Grand Jury to review her email security crimes, but Donald Trump’s Republicanism has gotten him investigated for over a year for absolutely no crime at all, and no evidence of such a crime ever happening. So the white and male thing can be forgotten, and the liberal privilege thing is what America must stop in order for common sense to return again.

Mr. Schultz is proving that he is not qualified for the White House move, since his white, male guilt has blinded him to his obvious crimes of being the wrong sex and having the politically incorrect color of skin. But liberals are good ones for demanding that we do as they say, and then exempting themselves from their own laws and commands.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. The vision of the pigs in the parlor being more equal than the rest of the “Animal Farm” deplorables…

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