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One Grows Weary Of Robert De Niro

Potty mouth talk may be amusing and cute the first or even the second time it’s tried, but Robert De Niro is on the third or fourth round of vulgarly, abusing President Trump in public settings, and someone close to him should tell him to tone it down, or at least use a little intelligence and some real, meaningful words to tell us what he dislikes about President Trump.

After Donald Trump defeated Hillary for the presidency in 2016, the shock was so great that many leftists repeatedly used the “F” word against their new president. Unfortunately, given the times in which we live, this kind of edgy public talk is expected and discounted when uttered by the likes of De Niro and his leftist pals. But the American citizens who voted for Trump and put him in the White House are delighted with his performance in office so far, and we’re tired of listening to these disappointed, spoiled Hollywood people who are used to making fantastic salaries, being feted constantly and getting their way in everything they do, operate in a deranged manner in their fog of disbelief that they lost the 2016 election. For the past year we have just turned them and their nasty mouths off and have gone about the business of our lives while continuing our support of President Trump and the miraculous things he‘s done. But it’s time the left grew up and joined us in the 21st Century, and it‘s time they behaved in a civil, decent way.

So now it’s been over a year since Trump became president, and still the most enlightened, meaningful statement De Niro can make is “f**k Trump”? The man demeans himself and weakens his legitimate opposition to Trump with these continued juvenile statements. One can give him a little slack because his audiences usually express delight when he utters his profanities, but he’s a grown man and should be able to control his mouth at least part of the time. But it begins to appear that without a script and a director to guide Mr. De Niro, he really has nothing to say of interest, and nothing of substance in his mind.

The strange thing is that the more the left abuses and mistreats President Trump, the more his supporters are reinforced in their support of him. So one supposes it would be good for the future of America if fools like De Niro continued to express themselves and their leftist frustration in the basest of ways, but one hopes that eventually our fellow-citizens on the left will join us Trump supporters in a real and sincere discussion of policy and stop the ultra-left attacks and lies they’re spreading about Trump. Democrats used to be valuable fellow citizens and patriotic political opponents, but since 2016 they have just become mean, vile, hateful rogues.

Maybe poor old Robert is just offsetting ED on-set and getting his jollies by uttering dirty words in front of adoring audiences in Hollywood and New York, but for the sake of the nation and in the interest of adult discourse, he really should be encouraged to take a different tack and express himself in an intelligent, adult manner. His audiences are doing him no favor by encouraging his bad-boy misbehavior.

But in addition to Robert De Niro, one grows increasingly weary of everyone on the left, politicians, CNN and Hollywood alike, who are so immature and juvenile that they can’t take a little disappointment once in a while, and that they can’t reflect on the absolutely wonderful, positive things that Donald Trump has presented to the nation after only 500 days in office, and stop their bitching.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. I have never found insults to be entertaining. And the use of profanity seems to proof of only one thing: and inadequate vocabulary (although a lack of civility is a possable added proven trait). Di Nire has always seemed to me to be a person with the talent to immitate someone elses life and that ability has entertained me. But his personal feelings or traits are of no importance to me…and certainly not to view as either directional or illuminating to me personally. The only result of this latest tirade for me is to cause me to avoid rewarding him or anyone producing and/or showing any of his work with my money.

  2. Much like the bombing of Pearl Harbor and the start of the Cold war in 1949 the boogie man has always been a great catalyst of American resolve. Those enemies were external. Now the enemy is met and they are among us. Yet we again react with resolve.

    May De Nero continue to offend us. He is nothing more than a high paid prostitute (of his supposed ideals) having played his part as a gunman bad guy, rugged individual, (faux) hero – which reality have proven that HE IS NOT!!!

    The Truth says evil is bad and honor is good. Popularity means N-O-T-H-I-N-G to the Truth. Values are opinions. Virtues are principles!

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