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Obama Was Exposed By His “Pen And Phone” Threat

If anyone needed help understanding the totalitarian tendency of Barack Obama, his statement, made in January of 2014, that he didn’t need Congress to get things done due to his having a “pen and a phone”, with which he could do any damned thing he wanted to do from his dominating perch in the White House, was all you need to know in order to understand our beloved Obama. And this evil man proved that he was indeed telling the truth about his intentions for running the country via his subversive practices.

He got America into the Paris Climate Change agreement using only his personal pen. He locked us into the Iran nuke deal, again, solely with his pen, without offering information to nor soliciting input from Congress on the national policy he sought to establish based on his own personal preference. And he did virtually the same thing with Obamacare, because although the bill had been passed by Congress, with only Democrat votes, and without ever being read by legislators, most aspects and provisions of the bill were left open for the Obama administration to fill in the blanks as they saw fit and in the manner with which they wished to impose this unconstitutional bill on the American public.

This pen and phone gambit, along with the numerous other unconstitutional, unwise, dangerous and illegal things our former president chose to do, was how Obama intended to “fundamentally transform America“, and he did it with no consideration for the impact these things would have on the economy or on the conduct of government following his administration‘s departure. Although Obama was undeniably intelligent, he was a fool in the manner in which he undermined the security and prosperity of America.

Obama’s “pen and phone” statement said all that needs to be said about his disrespect for the American public and for any pretense of a rule of law or a respect for the constitution, and it explains a lot about the dictatorial nature of his presidency.

How did that happen

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. The only purpose of government – any government – is to protect individual unalienable rights. Rights that come from our nature as humans – not rights granted by some self aggrandizing human being. No man is born a master and no man is born a beast! NO human being is more human than any other human being!

    Hillary Clinton – the CRIMINAL BITCH – demonstrated this elitist “Naturally Superior” mentality in so many words by calling us deplorables. Both she and obama the Lawless demonstrated it by acts of Treason, by violating their (ILL GOTTEN) positions of trust to the American people. The Usurpation of power IS TREASON against the PEOPLE of a Constitutional Republic. And we are – by any other name – STILL a Constitutional Republic!!!

    WHY these people and ALL of their cadre of COMMUNISM are not in jail awaiting HANGING is a minute by minute offense against JUSTICE and a personal point of ANGER!

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