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So Trump Should Be Happy That Obama Spied On His Campaign?

Former Obama administration executive James Clapper thinks that Donald Trump should be thankful that the Obama administration spied on his presidential campaign. The idiocy and stupidity of leftist politicians, especially when they’ve been caught with their grubby hands in the cookie jar, just never ends.

The first thing that comes to mind now that we know of the totally third world, corrupt, political spying of the Obama administration and it’s FBI and DOJ participants, is why a special counsel was needed when Obama’s spies knew that the Russians had no hand in the Trump campaign, and that there was no colluding with any nation to win the 2016 election. If there had been even a “smidgen” (in Obama’s own famous words) of evidence of any Trump wrong-doing, the spies would have raised the alarm and a full governmental task force would have descended on Trump and his staff, and Hillary would have certainly won the election, just as Obama intended.

But the reason for the pretend Mueller investigation was to cast Trump in a bad light and convict him in the court of public opinion and cause him to suffer in the opinion of Americans. But the opposite has happened, and now the American public is fully behind our President in his desire to punish the people who illegally plotted against his free and fairly-won election.

There must be something truly magic about Donald Trump: with the full force of the leftist media, the Obama administration spies, the FBI and the Department of Justice, via the special counsel, against him, he still won the 2016 presidential election and has constantly won increased favor with Americans as to how he is handling the affairs of the nation.

Now let’s put some Obama bad guys and gals in jail, and get on with Making America Great Again.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. Yessssssss!! Dave you are so right on.I think Trump was truly chosen by God to make America great and get us back on course.Obama, Hillary and their ilk are truly evil and wanted to bring down America and make it a socialist/communist state and they almost succeeded. Now everything is getting better and better under Trump.More jobs,the economy is booming,people have more money in their paychecks,lower taxes and more is coming. That’s because you have a businessman in charge and not a politician.

    1. Dear Jim,

      I’m trying to verify that Denzel Washington made these comments which I’ve pasted in below at a New York press conference, which you also included in your news article “Rod Rosenstein Threatened Nunes And House Committee to Stop Investigation”. Could you please let me know where you obtained this information, because I first saw these comments just two days ago in an article I came across by YoursNewsWire.com from Feb. 3rd, 2018. Thank you for your help on this! Sad to say, I have a very liberal son & when I posted the Denzel Washington comments on FB, he immediately posted in his comments the link @ Snopes which he looked up as proof that these comments by Denzel Washington are not true & I don’t particularly believe Snopes but my son does & I would like to prove him wrong, if possible… Thanks!

      From article, “Rod Rosenstein Threatened Nunes And House Committee to Stop Investigation”

      Actor Denzel Washington is never afraid to speak out and he did it again recently at a press conference New York.

      “Donald Trump’s election victory saved the United States from the establishment of an “an “Orwellian police state” in the hands of Democrats who would have used the same authoritarian tactics “over and over again” to“circumvent the will of the people in future elections,” Denzel said.

      “If the Democrats had won the election, we never would have found out they were using false documents to get warrants to spy on American citizens and political opponents. We never would have known this. Think about it!” Denzel said, “They would have a tool they would use over and over again to circumvent the will of the people in future elections,”

      Asked by a reporter if he was sure the memo released by Congress on Friday was “reliable“, Denzel said, “Hell yeah, it’s reliable. We don’t need to know the nitty-gritty to understand exactly what’s happened here. We know that a warrant to spy on the Trump team was issued based on media reports, and these media reports were based on information provided by an opposition research firm being paid by the DNC and Hillary Clinton.”

      “You guys can’t see what is wrong with this? You’re kidding me,” The Equalizer actor said, before adding, “Well I guess you are reporters. How many reporters was it that got caught colluding with the Clinton campaign?”

      Addressing the reporters personally, Denzel Washington called them out for refusing to publish anything critical about the Democratic Party.

      “I grew up a Democrat. I get it. I know a lot of people who hate Trump with a real passion. But you’ve got to understand that we dodged a bullet when Clinton lost. More than one bullet. We avoided a war with Russia, and we avoided the creation of an Orwellian police state.”

        1. I don’t remember doing an article on Rod Rosensteinthreatening Nunes and house committee to stop the investigation’ but tonite on Sean Hannity’s show he had on Richard Penn I think his name is who is a Clinton supporter and worked for them and he had an article saying it is bad for the country to continue this investigation not only for this president but any future presidents. I don’t trust Snopes any,more ever since I found it was run by a husband and wife team and the husband ran off with a porno star and took the money his wife was supposed to have with him.They’ve been proven wrong a lot.I don’t know about Denzel saying that,but he is a conservative and that sounds like something he would have said. I looked up the quote and there are several sites quoting it and some say it is totally fabricated. I also saw the SNOPES report saying it is fabricated.But whether he said it or not it is true.I’ve been doing blogs about this and Sean Hannity has been exposing it every night and he has just been named the No,1 radio host and TV news host and FOX has been No,1 for a long time now.I believe Sean.

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