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Israel Murdered Innocent Palestinians Like Poland Attacked Nazi Germany

The liberal press in the 1930s dutifully reported that the peaceful nation of Hitler’s Germany was violently attacked by the vicious state of Poland (whose military was armed with swords, bolt-action rifles and moved about on horses in cavalry formations at the time) and Adolph Hitler was, of course, forced to retaliate in response to this dastardly and unprovoked attack by smothering the entire nation of Poland and imprisoning and killing untold numbers of its citizens, mostly Jews, and nearly all of it’s military leadership (and burying these military officers’ bodies in the Katyn forest for the Russian forces to discover years later).

The Polish attack was, of course, a lie, but the “peace in our time” document of Neville Chamberlain was how the liberals at the time patted themselves on the back for ignoring the truth about the outbreak of World War II, while assuring the total destruction of Europe and the deaths of millions of innocent civilians for their blind adherence to appeasing any real totalitarian murdering leader who had the knowledge to spout leftist crap for the liberal press to latch on to.

Likewise, our idiotic leftist, anti-Trump and anti-Israel press accuse Israel of responsibility for the deaths of innocent women and children as organized Palestinian terrorists tried to cause destruction in Israel as the American embassy was moved to Jerusalem earlier in the week. Of course, not mentioned by the willfully ignorant press is that the Palestinian leadership strategically placed women and children in the line of fire between the attacking terrorists and the defending Israeli forces, which makes Hamas responsible for the innocent deaths.

But you’d think that Israel and Trump planned the whole thing and wanted the deaths in order for the American press to be able to attack him further.

Where is the common sense and where is the knowledge of history that should enlighten our leftist press? Why do they always come down on the side of killers and murderers (Mao, Stalin, Castro, Arafat, Hamas, Che Guevara) and call peaceful people like Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu villains?

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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