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Trump Keeps Winning While The Left Keeps Whining!!!

trump afghanistan speech

When Trump first came into office he promised to drain the swamp and be for all Americans. He is doing just that, but the swamp runs deep and traitors are all around. He defeated the media, he defeated the Dems, he defeated the RINOs in his own party. So far he has enacted all his promises and he is Making America Great Again, but the left and media all call for his impeachment and purposely don’t report any of his accomplishments.

Critics keep saying the old leftist cliché that the tax cuts are for the rich and don’t help the average person. Are they so blind they cannot see? If they would just look at their paychecks, if they are working, they would see more money in their checks thanks to Trump lowering the FICA tax. Starting next year a single person will have a $12,000 tax deduction and a married couple will have a $25,000 tax deduction. That’s not just helping the rich. Because of Trump’s tax cuts businesses from overseas are coming back here to build plants that will create jobs and things will be “made in America” once again. If Hillary got in she was going to raise everyone’s taxes and raise small business taxes to 41%. She is also a globalist in favor of a “Hemispheric government.” Trump is lowering small business taxes to 21%. So how is all this a tax cut for the rich only? So far the economy is booming, black unemployment is the lowest it’s ever been, Hispanic unemployment is the lowest it’s ever been, more women are working than ever before and unemployment, in general, is the lowest in 50 years all because of Trump’s tax cuts, but you wouldn’t know it if you listen to the destroy Trump media. Nancy Pelosi has vowed to repeal the Trump tax cuts. Does anyone really want to see all of this destroyed and more money being taken out of their paychecks?  I don’t think so.

Trump has accomplished more for America in one year than the last 3 presidents combined, and with zero help from the Dems and very little from the Republicans. In 8 years Obama caused North Korea and Iran to become a nuclear nation. Trump in one year is seeing North Korea coming to the table to denuclearize. Trump is bringing the country around and thus far, all of the baseless attacks on him by liberals have failed. Every single effort has fizzled out and the left is desperate. Economic records being shattered left and right, record low unemployment, energy independence within our grasp, ISIS destroyed, dictators suddenly afraid to continue their evildoing, illegal alien problem being dealt with, no massive riots in the ghettos around the country anymore, record tax breaks for hardworking Americans, the rogue EPA finally reigned in, our military getting the money they need & deserve, probably at least 2 more Supreme Court Justices could be appointed, China suddenly caving in and wanting to play fair with trade, Rocket Man no longer making his insane threats… the list goes on. Of course they’re panicking. The comment trolls are out in force trying to negate the obvious bump in approval polls over the Syrian strikes – but that effort, too, is doomed to fail. Trump hopefully will be remembered as one of the great presidents by the time he’s finished.

The left has been reduced to childish outbursts of ad hominem attacks and fed by the likes of Joy Reid and Joy Behar (plainly, no joy in either Joy) and all the late night comedians. It’s all hate, hate, hate and name calling. That’s because they don’t have anything to offer and are hoping all the name calling will resonate with voters and they will vote Trump out or have him impeached. I still don’t know for what crimes though as he hasn’t committed any.


Meanwhile, the case against the Obamite/Hillarious left continues to grow. On Wednesday, 11 Republican members of Congress sent Attorney General Jeff Sessions a letter demanding an investigation into several individuals, including James Comey and Hillary Clinton. The 11 members of Congress have accused the individuals or agencies of “potential violation(s) of federal statutes.” They also specifically state “those in positions of high authority should be treated the same as every other American,” something that is surely lacking in our country today.

But through it all, President Trump continues to keep his promises here and abroad. He continues to make moves to help business while keeping his word about the red line regarding chemical weapons. There are people in Syria today who are thankful that this president keeps his word.

Trump is the first president since Reagan to fight back. I’ve always said if you hit Trump he hits back harder. He’s a real street fighter from New York. They still have not recovered from the shock of the Trump victory which no one saw coming. It is the greatest upset in US presidential election history and the leftist MSM’s never even told the Leftists they could actually lose. We are finding that after 18 months of throwing every possible scandal and piece of political dirt they can find at Trump, he is hitting back at them and scoring points. The Hillary lovers are hating this. They were so certain she was going to win and then so certain Pres Trump colluded with the Russians and committed numerous other crimes while running for president that he would go less than 6 months before getting booted from office. Instead, the further Mueller’s investigation goes the more it looks like Hillary and the DNC were the ones committing the collusion and her illegal private email server and pay-to-play Clinton foundation will end up getting a thorough investigation instead of the get out of jail free card handed to her by Comey and Lynch. Her involvement with the Uranium One scandal and paying a foreign national Christopher Steel 12 million dollars in laundered money so they could get a FISA order to spy on a Trump aid, Carter Page, is proving to be the biggest abuse of power in modern history.

There is one thing Republicans have to beware of and that is A little more than six months from now, on November 7, the sun will rise President Donald Trump’s first midterm election. Thanks to a map that puts more Democratic than Republican seats at risk, the Republican party will still cling to control of the Senate, but GOP House members lack insulation: They will crawl out from the smoking rubble of a 40- to 50-seat pounding to find they have lost their majority. This must not happen if it does the dems have said they will bring up impeachment. Trump’s forgotten men and women who elected him must get out and vote. Keep your eyes on the prize people.

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Jim Clayton

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