When Sanctuary From Evil Becomes Sanctuary From Justice

The reason liberals originally established sanctuary cities was to provide actual and real sanctuary from the poverty generated by the police states and dictatorial governments that the incoming immigrants were trying to escape.

But now these sanctuary seekers are biting the hand that they expect to feed them, and the only sanctuary being sought, now that they are safely in the United States, well fed, indoctrinated, politically motivated in anti-Trump rhetoric, protected by liberal Democrats and feeling entitled to even more benefits, is sanctuary from justice and protection from the mean ole Trump administration, as the federal policing agencies attempt to capture violent criminals in their midst.

In other words, these former cities, and now entire states, of real sanctuary have become a hiding place for violent criminals, and this horror story, and its accompanying constitutional crisis, was caused by liberal Democrats in their search for future dependents to vote for their leftist, Democrat candidates, in exchange for getting the often fearful and uncertain immigrants settled into the wonderful life of welfare dependence, where they will live in yet another state of imposed poverty, this one under American, Democrat rule.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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