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Liberals Appear Confused About The Anti-Gun “Children’s March”

Last weekend’s “Children’s March”, advertised by liberals Democrats as initiating a revolution, exclusively under control and at the direction of teenagers, to get rid of guns in America, demonstrates to any thinking adult that liberals are somewhat confused about the value they place on children. It depends on whether the children serve any immediate political purpose to liberals, or not, as to the value they place on them.

For the big liberal group oddly named Planned “Parenthood“, the only value of children is when they are aborted and their body parts are sold to the highest bidder. But last weekend’s Children’s March in Washington was nevertheless dedicated to the children who survived the Parkland shooting in Florida, and most of them did survive, thankfully. The obscene twist on the occasion and the dedication of this event to children, is that a child’s possibility of survival past the womb stage is slight and unlikely after being placed in Planned Parenthood’s clutches. Schools are a safer place for children to be, even when there’s shooting going on, than the Planned Parenthood premises.

If Planned Parenthood hadn’t had their way with ending children’s lives for the last 17 years, they really would be able to mount a revolution, considering the total number of all children aborted during this period of time. Just think of the additional tens of thousands of revolutionaries the Democrats would be able to indoctrinate and assemble today, to burn buildings and throw bombs, if they had not aborted all of the young lives that have been taken these last several years.

And the pretense that the recent march was thought of and brought about by the “children” is a farce. All of the logistics of getting governmental approval for the parades, renting and assembling the busses, having the pretty protest signs printed up, getting CNN and MSNBC to dedicate an entire day to TV coverage of the various events; all of this was done by Democrat operatives and professional mob-renters, not students.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. Every human being, regardless of color, indoctrination, and even mental capacity has a sense of right and wrong – call it “the knowledge of good and evil”. Human beings are the ONLY creatures who LIE! Why do they lie? Is not the Truth a FORCE – THE FORCE – that holds the Universe together? If you could make 1 + 1 = 3 (you cannot) the entire Universe would roll up and disappear! It is therefore, ultimately STUPID to lie!

    So why do human beings lie? Because they know that the TRUTH defines their deeds or intent to be WRONG! EVERY human being HATES to be wrong. (If being wrong isn’t of such supreme consequence why care so much that you would violate the ultimate FORCE of the Truth?)

    The proof that there is good and evil, right and wrong and that the LEFT is unquestionably evil is held up by the FACT – Truth – that they LIE to accomplish anything that they do! You cannot tell a lie unless there is some Truth to tell it about…

    Sooner or later, the Truth WINS!!!!! If it hasn’t won yet – it ain’t over!

    It is just that black and white…

  2. The students are joining the fight,
    And marching for good to ignite,
    Now all that they need,
    Are laws that succeed,
    In stopping a bullet in flight..

    Cuz we all want our children to thrive,
    And go out and learn to survive,
    But hold the conjecture
    And know-it-all lecture,
    From those who just learned how to drive

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