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President Trump’s Promises on Immigration Reform

Ilegal immigrants come to America, steal our jobs and benefits and negatively impact the country. The cost of one illegal alien is a staggering $8,075 and totaling more than $135 billion, according to the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR). This burden falls on the hard-earned tax paying, truly American family in the form of redirected benefits meant for Americans that must be paid for illegals. My tax money is going to pay for the illegals! The way that the total is calculated is adding the federal costs of $45 billion and the state’s costs of $89 billion, whereas the illegal aliens are paying $18 billion in tax revenue. Illegal immigrants are bankrupting the American people.

Immigration Reform was a top promise by President Trump while campaigning. Build the wall and make Mexico pay! His Contract with the American Voter stated that he will grow the GDP, increase jobs for Americans, rebuild the crumbling infrastructure. He is a man of his word and will fight to help Americans to make this country a better place. The Democrats are standing in his way.

The United States population is 326 million with 45 million immigrants. Out of the 45 million, it is estimated that 25% are here illegally! As our honest President frankly stated. He knows what is best for America, to preserve our legacy and power to the world. Build the wall and keep illegals out! Block the people coming from known terrorist countries! We don’t want refugees. We want people that are smart and will work hard for the American Dream!

President Trump wants to eliminate the diversity lottery. What is this? Do other countries apply a random approach to citizenship? No! Here are a few ways that other strong nations allow non-nationals to approach citizenship.

Norway: you must reside and intend to reside in Norway. You must be married to your partner for no less than 7 years. You must learn 300 hours of Norwegian language (no Spanish!- In America we speak English!). You cannot have any criminal convictions. You must give up your other citizenship to show loyalty to Norway.

Australia: You must be living in Australia for 4 years consecutively and 12 months under a permanent resident. You must pass a residency test and the good character requirements. The test is based on the responses to the countries values, history, national symbols and traditions- in English! The application process should be undertaken with an Australian immigration organization, like Immigration Direct.

Singapore: You must be a work pass holder and working and living in Singapore for 6 months. The first step is the permanent residency and the process is tedious and time-consuming. Immigration Solutions Singapore: https://www.immigrationsolutions.sg/ is the best way to get through the process. Singapore does offer the path to citizenship by marriage.

None of the rich and prosperous countries are offering something as ludicrous and risky as a lottery system for choosing citizens!

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  1. Oh, darn it! You’ve missed the point of immigration completely. See, its about socialism! Now, as you know socialism is the wonderful new form of Feudalism where our “natural superiors” know how to take care of us better than we do. Mensa says so! Socialism is Communism’s “good” sibling because it loves its serfs – er, citizens; whereas communism murders them – just ask any abortionist’s victim. Socialism – good! Communism -bahahahahad! The Criminal-Bitch says so!

    So here’s how immigrants, illegal aliens (no such thing as an illegal immigrant – they invade, breaking our laws, so they are criminal aliens!!! END OF discussion!) and refugees are better than say, 10 percent of the 61 million American Citizens who were murdered (by sanction of the Federal Government) before they were born. They would’ve likely grown up to be RUGGED INDIVIDUAL AMERICANISTS!!! And many of the remaining 55 million might have listened to them no matter how much social demoralization you applied – its all just tooooo risky!!

    See. It takes a lot of work, not to mention time, to indoctrinate newly born American citizens (with the entire American legacy at their disposal) into becoming anti American Socialists. So it only makes sense that we import – by any means necessary – people who are already socialists because we need their votes for more socialism!

    Now do you see the misplacement of your observations?

    Socialism is implimente4d by the vote; Which is why it is so, so very good!

    Communism is implemented by violent revolution! Which is why it is so, so, SO very bad….!

    Other than that they are the same anti American, anti individualism, anti property, anti freedom, government mongering CRAP!!!

  2. Good and accurate article….FAIR and Center for Immigration Studies are two of the best sources.

    Not included in these cost are those caused by the increased crime rate (loss of property), courts, incarceration and additional enforcement personnel., as well a extensive medical .

    A $25 Billion expenditure for a wall and other security pales when compared to what is ‘routine’ currently.

    “Whatever it takes” to save legal American’s lives. The Wall and other security at $25B is cheap !!! Ask anyone whose family has been one of the 800 violent crimes EACH DAY that is commited by criminal trespassers…..

    Amnesty is to forgive…….law enforcement eliminates the need to forgive

    Operation Wetback (1953 Eisenhower) in 4 months resulted in 6 million deported ande an estimated 4+ million self deporting to avoid jail…..as an added bonus welfare recipients dropped by 80%

    My House, My Rules

    Don’t sit on the bench…contaqct your legislators and tell them to shape up or ship out !!

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