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Democrats Know No Shame, And Don’t Know The Difference

When Richard Nixon lied about the Watergate break-in, Republicans were mortified by his actions and obfuscations and wanted him removed from office as much as Democrats did. And the Watergate scandal was just a limited, one-party-spying-on-the-other, relatively innocent event.

But now it’s been determined that during and following the Obama administration, departments of our own national government, represented by Barack Obama and branches of his administration (in this case the DOJ, the State Department and the FBI) all colluded to keep an opposing party’s candidate for president out of office by employing one of the most sensitive and protected powers of government, the FISA court and its ability to authorize the investigations of American citizens for foreign intelligence issues. These branches of the executive branch of government in a Democrat administration were active parties attempting to deny Trump the presidency. One thinks that one should be able to expect the guilty party in such a fiasco to admit their guilt once that guilt has been exposed as being the most chilling political scandal in American history.

But America’s Democrat party shows no shame nor acknowledgement of overstepping the bounds of propriety and the law at plotting to deny Trump his run for the presidency and to be seated once he had won the election, and they see no parallel between the staged elections held in Russia and other dictatorial governments around the world, and what they did in the last election. One can only guess that their success in rigging the primary election against Bernie Sanders made the Hillary team feel frisky and they thought that taking Trump to the cleaners would be as easy as beating an old Socialist like Sanders.

The fact that Democrats are still on the Trump-is-the-devil warpath even after these recent discoveries of mal- and misfeasance by the Obama administration, and that they are unable to express any regret or shame for their political crimes, should tell us a lot about their sincerity and their anger when they turn their guns on a Republican slip-up or a slight mis-statement. And this full-on attack with their anti-Trump vitriol, as opposed to expressing some self-inspection as these serious charges are brought against them, tells us that there is a fine line separating open, representative government from total dictatorship. Democrats show no sign of understanding where this line starts and stops. If they had indeed made their lame charges against Trump stick, one fears there would not be a need for another election in 2020, because the rightful owners of power in America, at least in their own minds, would already hold that power. And if one is unable to feel shame for obvious corruption, then one will have no incentive to make changes to oneself and assure that such political crimes never occur again.

The very people who illegally and improperly beat up on Trump by using the full investigative power of the federal government are so hate-filled that they will allow no adjustment to their hateful goals of removing the Republican sitting president and are incapable of recognizing and admitting his many successes during his first year in office.

Lesson learned: Leftists must be feared and defeated and kept from positions of power in all levels of government in America. Whether they are setting up illegal sanctuary states, illegal sanctuary cities, denying Americans their constitutional right to select and buy their own healthcare or are purchasing documents wholly created from fiction to use as evidence against their political opponents, as the famous Dossier was, they can no longer be trusted with the power to govern, as we saw proven last Friday with the release of the Nunes Memo.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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