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Who Needs Conservative News Channels When We Have Donald Trump?

In the past, Fox News Channel was absolutely the only cable news channel thinking people could go to for a median view on current events as the liberal cable channels and the leftist press refused to report anything that favored the Republicans or that did not support a big-government policy program.

But now we have Donald Trump and his Tweets. All of the press/news outlets stumble over each other to repeat and comment on each tweet as the President posts them.

However, we still need fair and balanced agencies like Fox News and Conservative Daily News for commentary and real news or we would not learn the latest details about the Russian dossier and the FBI’s biased and phony investigations into Trump and Hillary.

The mainstream media is weaponized against anything conservative and even more so against America’s current president.

The media’s coverage of President Trump has been overwhelmingly negative, more than three times more critical than the initial coverage of former President Barack Obama and twice that of former Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton.

The Pew Research Center said that the early coverage of Trump was 62 percent negative. By comparison, Obama’s coverage was just 20 percent negative.

President Trump is proving to be not only the savior of American policy and constitutional principles, but he’s also a one-man-band of news coming out of Washington, DC.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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