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Football Star Favors Life In Mexico Over America, But Oddly Remains Here

On November 20th, CDN, and other publications ran articles informing readers that Oakland Raiders football player Marshawn Lynch, while attending a league game in Mexico City, stood for the Mexican anthem, but not for the American anthem, clearly showing his preference for the flag, and life in general, in Mexico. This show of disrespect in a foreign country goes far beyond the usual claptrap these idiot football stars demonstrate each week at NFL games about imagined police violence against black men, and is a direct slap at America and all things American.

Some of the articles reminded readers that the pass-time of taking-a-knee was to protest the alleged killing of black men by American police officers, while the violent Rap music of American performers celebrating the assassination of police officers, some of whom are black, and the beating and raping of black “bitches and hos” is passed over as though it has no bearing on the violent lives of too many young black men living in cities like Chicago and Baltimore. But of course the anti-police attitude of the Black Lives Matters people and the rap singing is something the liberal press would rather not discuss.

But returning to the immediate subject of standing for the Mexican anthem and disrespecting the American anthem, only people like Marshawn Lynch, who is not aware of the millions of Mexican citizens who have escaped the repression, corruption and poverty of Mexico and illegally crossed the dangerous border with the United States in order to be able to have a more pleasant life for themselves and their children in America, would take-a-knee against their own nation. Millionaire football players should perhaps think about such things as they express their preference for life in Mexico and the dislike they seem to have for their comfortable up-scale homes in America. The United States has given these football players a chance to live well and become wealthy, while no parallel path to the good life exists for the citizens of Mexico, so the unfortunate Mexican citizens have to resort to illegal entry to America in order to live a freer and more pleasant life in the United States.

America is a refuge of safety and a promise of a pleasant life for the entire world, and that’s why Mexico is emptying to the north. And that’s also why standing for the Mexican anthem and disrespecting the American anthem is so inappropriate and so wrong.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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