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Do Democrats Really Regret The Abuses Of The Clintons?

It’s been twenty years since Bill Clinton’s abuse of women led to him paying nearly a million dollars to Paula Jones for his actions against her, but only now do Democrats say that he should have been removed from office and sent back to Arkansas in mid-presidency. And please stop the idiotic drivel about the press being young at the time and not realizing the seriousness of Clinton’s actions. The reason the press covered up for the Clintons is that they were liberals, and liberals can never be stopped from the anti-American, criminal and anti-Constitutional actions they practice.

How many years will it be until the press admits that Barack Obama’s desire to “fundamentally transform America” was a bad idea and destructive to America? But they let him make disastrous changes to our society and permitted him to disobey the constitution because they are all a pack of America-hating liberals, and that’s why the liberal press remained silent while Obama attacked America from inside the Oval Office.

But one must be reminded that the concern for women and for the rule of law only occurs after twenty years of the Clintons undermining our system of government and soon after Hillary’s making a fat profit selling American Uranium to the Russians, and after years of top Democrats benefiting from Clinton patronage and support and the influence money that kept Democrats in power and allowed them to dominate in politics. So now the new wave of liberals want to dump the old personalities and set up a new anti-American political establishment to undermine freedom and the constitution. So it’s out with the Clintons and good riddance to them.

The sudden concern on the part of Democrats for what is right, as opposed to their usual preference for what is wrong and deviant, is not enough at this late date. The American public would be wise to ignore the left’s pleas for understanding and forgiveness for past wrong-doings. They knew what the Clintons were up to and they are culpable for the anti-American things they did.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. You are so right Dave and hit every sentence right on the head Dave.I was around for the Clintons and have a whole collection of papers from his time.When I heard these media people say they were too young to understand the seriousness of his actions I laughed. Give me a break. It was like a kid getting caught with his hand in the cookie jar.They always made excuses for both of them then and still do today because as you say they are liberals. I just wish the Hildebeast would go away for good.

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