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Democrats Claim They Were Too Young To Know That Clinton Rape Was Wrong

The lying Democrats are trying to convince America that the sexual crimes of Bill Clinton, before and during his time in the Oval Office, were not properly understood at the time because Democrat contributors and supporters and the members of the press were too young to know the damage that could be done to a woman who was raped – so they allowed Bill Clinton to remain in office. Remember when James Carville and Paul Begala added to the humiliation of Monica Lewinski and Paula Jones by calling them trailer trash and stating that these women were picked up when a dollar bill was dragged through a trailer park. The Democrat party made Special Counsel Ken Starr, and not Bill Clinton, look like the sex fiend when they trashed him for investigating the sex crimes of Clinton and for uncovering and exposing Slick Willy’s many indiscretions.

More recently we have seen former major supporters of Hillary and Bill claim that Bill should have been removed from office when it was learned and confirmed, with evidence, that he had indeed sexually mistreated women while in the Oval Office. One such former Clinton political colleague was Kirsten Gillibrand, and Doug Schoen, also a former pal of Bill and Hillary, is also jumping on the anti-Clinton bandwagon and taking them to task for the bad things they did in the 1990s. Additionally, in the past two weeks, Donna Brazile, a Hillary-appointed chair to the Democrat National Committee, even wrote a book about how crooked Hillary’s presidential campaign was in 2016.

Where were these loyal Democrats and their newly found ethics standards during the time that the Clintons ruled Washington and were getting away with crimes against women and against the nation? Their claims that they were too immature to know that rape was wrong is total crap: the entire nation was screaming in outrage for Clinton’s removal from office, but their faithful Democrat supporters and the dominant liberal press were enjoying the limelight and the power that the Clintons offered, and they kept their mouths shut while innocent women were attacked.

It can logically be concluded that, if Democrats didn’t know the inappropriateness and criminal nature of rape in the 1990s, they certainly can’t know what’s wrong with forcing the unconstitutional Obamacare on the nation, supporting sex and race self-identity, pushing LGBT restrooms, insisting that sanctuary cities are good for the country and that higher taxes will spur the economy. Democrats have proven themselves to be deviant creeps and must be kept out of public office.

It could be argued that the loyal Democrats who blindly supported the Clinton power machine are now turning on their former leaders because a new political day is dawning with the presidency of Donald Trump and his honesty and openness, and the former Clinton coven is running for cover and trying to disassociate themselves from the Clinton crime family, which is taking a nose dive to destruction, and hopefully prison, in 2017.

One thing seems to tie liberals to a defective and devious Democrat administration: the promise of status and free-wheeling power. And when that power is gone they turn on the old, corrupt bosses and act as though they, too, were victims of the old power structure. Soon the fleeing characters will align themselves with a new Democrat victor, and the corruption will start all over again.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. Dave, Although I share your sentiments, Dan Rather, Tom Brokaw Sam Donaldson were hardly ‘young’. There were still remnants of the 70’s-early 80’s “If it feels good, do it” era hanging around planting the seeds of liberalism that hadn’t taken root. Family units were still mostly intact, schools still taught and the Church’s influence was still considerable…..Oh, they knew alright. Some still knew ‘shame’ and others knew ‘slander’ meant lawsuit or fired. Now that the Socialist roots have taken hold ‘freedom’ has new meaning, particularly for the press. and pig pen politics ‘if the price is right’ they roll in the muck for the highest bidder and it’s every man for himself. And, to hell with who gets hurt and ‘innocent until proven guilty” Just get that headline and attention.

    I can, as a woman, sympathize with these women because of personal experiences. I also realize that my own recollection of details has faded or changed over the decades….I moved on and made a life and grown. And the glory goes to Our Creator…..I so understand. If one looks at the arrest/trials of their local “offenders” generally there is a SINGLE victim and the defendant is generally of modest means and not particularly prominent…..However, where deep pocket are involved, these ‘victims’ ooze out of the woodwork…

    These so called X-associates now speaking against the Clinton’s have nothing to lose….and it doesn’t take much courage when nothing is at stake. They know their career is over.

    1. There is always the matter of perception. What man who did not guard his youth diligently can say with honesty he was not sometimes forward. Certainly many were more than that. I hope none of my encounters were the crossing of that line but my perception is singular to me. What might any young woman now these years hence think of me to this day?

      And what of revenge? A woman scorned? What might she say? None of us are angels, men or women. No one has accused me of anything but I certainly have been in situations where that could have happened…

  2. If one plus one always equals 2 then there are an infinite number of wrong answers but only one answer that is True. The creation testifies to His Glory; the Truth neither remembers nor forgets. It simply IS. There is not your truth nor my truth. There is only THE Truth.

    My enemies have imbibed themselves with the lie of “relative” truth. Their hearts are overcome by this lie that they believe all men of the same mind or too simple to know otherwise. But hear the Truth; all that is human seeks to be “right” and “good”. The wise know to be vigilant to guard themselves; the humble man says, “I know not that I am right except that I seek that which is greater than myself. When I find the Truth then I am a lion; then I know that I walk in the light.”
    But the foolish man seek to overcome the Truth; to steal that which belongs to God. The foolish deny Him and, instead, themselves ascend into heaven; “I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north: I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High.”

    This IS the apostasy, the abomination; that which cannot be forgiven because there is no onus to be forgiven. Their god has already forgiven them, they themselves. The first sin was the lie. The last sin shall also be the Lie. This LIE; that I am like God, that I am god, and Truth belongs to me to say what is and what is not.

    But by your own hand your destruction awaits you. A false witness shall not be unpunished, and he that tells lies shall not escape. A false witness shall not be unpunished, and he that tells lies shall perish. Let him who has ears, hear.

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