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Everyone Should Get a Tax Break

There’s been much talk lately about tax breaks for Americans but not allowing the “rich” to get any, and there’s been much talk about giving tax breaks to “small businesses”, which I’m in favor of. Forgotten in all of this is that every person and every family in the United States, regardless of how much they earn and how wealthy or poor their family is, is, in fact, a “small business” that must make a profit based on their income and outflow or they’ll go bankrupt as a family.

The subject of the “rich” also gets the knickers of the resentful among us in a twist, but each person in America is both richer and poorer than some other person, so this consideration should be put aside in these discussions, or we need to specifically define how much money a “rich” person earns or how much a “rich” person is worth, and proceed from there.

Recall that during the Clinton administration, Bill and Al Gore stated that anyone making $50,000 a year was a “rich” person because in 20 years they will have made a million dollars. That’s how stupid, controlling and dictatorial leftists are.

Our legislators must also stop asking if a tax break for American citizens can be “paid for”. This “paid for” argument is, of course, coming from legislators who want only to control and increase the outflow of money that they can spend on foolish things that will buy them contributions to their re-election efforts so they can remain in office and waste more money in the future.

I don’t give a damn about “paying” for tax cuts. I want the government to spend less and get smaller, and I want legislators to have to get re-elected on their own merit, not on the stuff they have given away at tax-payer expense. The corruption we see every day in Washington would begin to go away if less money passed through that cesspool.

Give tax breaks to rich and poor alike. Aren’t we all citizens and shouldn’t we all be treated equally? Don’t we all want to be rich?

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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