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Respected Liberal Writer Blames Vegas Shooting on White Privilege

Black Lives Matter agitator, New York Daily News columnist and unrepentant race-baiter Shaun King has hit the big time now with a new gig at the increasingly leftist website The Intercept.

The Intercept was the big break for Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Glenn Greenwald who broke the stories on NSA mass domestic surveillance programs revealed by whistleblower Edward Snowden and he likely got a big payday but sold his journalistic integrity in the process.

The venture was a party of globalist Pierre Omidyar’s First Look Media venture and the billionaire backer of regime changes had successfully done the Deep State’s work for it by tamping down on any additional relevant stories of what Snowden had purloined.

Glenn Greenwald hasn’t written a relevant story since but hey, he made bank. He should have stayed at the Guardian, now he may be rich but he will never do Pulitzer Prize quality work again that will see the light of day in the mainstream media. He essentially self-censored.

The Intercept itself has become a typical left-wing propaganda outlet and made news recently for outing its own source after a nitwit named Reality Winner smuggled classified documents out of a facility in Georgia in her pantyhose because she was pissed off at Fox News.

There was a great hope for The Intercept at first but it was always doomed as a legitimate operation due to Omidyar’s involvement.

It just hit rock bottom when it hired King who has immediately been given another forum for his ongoing diatribes against the oppressive white man and it’s a beauty.

King has blamed the tragic Las Vegas massacre on white privilege – different website, same racist horseshit from this clown.


Via The Intercept “The White Privilege of the “Lone Wolf” Shooter”:

No expensive wall along the Mexican border would’ve prevented this. No Muslim ban stopping immigrants and refugees from a few randomly selected countries from reaching our shores would’ve slowed this down.

Paddock, like the majority of mass shooters in this country, was a white American. And that simple fact changes absolutely everything about the way this horrible moment gets discussed in the media and the national discourse: Whiteness, somehow, protects men from being labeled terrorists.

The privilege here is that the ultimate conclusion about shootings committed by people from commonly nonwhite groups often leads to determinations about the corrosive or destructive nature of the group itself. When an individual claiming to be Muslim commits a horrible act, many on the right will tell us Islam is the problem. For centuries, when an act of violence has been committed by an African-American, racist tropes follow — and eventually, the criminalization and dehumanization of an entire ethnic group.


PRIVILEGE ALWAYS STANDS in contrast to how others are treated, and it’s true in this case, too: White men who resort to mass violence are consistently characterized primarily as isolated “lone wolves” — in no way connected to one another — while the most problematic aspects of being white in America are given a pass that nobody else receives.

Stephen Paddock’s whiteness has already afforded him many outrageous protections in the media.

While the blood was still congealing on the streets of Las Vegas, USA Today declared in a headline that Paddock was a “lone wolf.” And yet an investigation into his motivations and background had only just started. Police were only beginning to move to search his home and computers. His travel history had not yet been evaluated. No one had yet thoroughly scrutinized his family, friends, and social networks.

Paddock was declared a “lone wolf” before analysts even started their day, not because an exhaustive investigation produced such a conclusion, but because it is the only available conclusion for a white man in America who commits a mass shooting.

The rest of his unhinged diatribe is HERE but I would not recommend it, it’s just pure hate.

Wherever it originated, the term “white privilege” is no less a vile pejorative than the N-word or any of the other slurs what are often invoked against races and ethnic groups and yet it has become popularized in recent years to the point where it is easily whipped out to fit any grievance that blacks have with the society in which they live. It’s racist left-speak but you will never see anyone be called out for it because that is simply the way that it works – to the left, blacks are incapable of being racist themselves but that is a lie.

Many African-Americans who I have personally known often are extremely hostile toward Asians, Jews, Hispanics and homosexuals and they certainly don’t hold their tongues when it comes to discriminating against these out-groups in the most obscene and bigoted terms possible – they probably spoke in racist terms about me too when I wasn’t around. Hey, maybe it’s just the quality of the black people that I have known – most of who are far from radical – but somehow, I doubt it. It calls into question on who it is what is receiving the privilege.

That aside, King is just being King and that is a bigoted propagandist who hates white people, likely out of self-loathing. It is a very questionable decision by The Intercept to offer this hater another forum for his divisive tripe but that is all that the left has to offer.

No solutions, only divisive and inflammatory demagoguery from poison-peddling pimps like Mr. King.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for his upcoming column on how blacks are murdering each other in record numbers on the streets of Chicago.

FYI: I tried to post a comment at The Intercept that was critical of King but it was immediately censored, that’s all that you need to know about a website what was supposed to be a beacon of transparency.

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