CNN Cuts Off Critic of Leftist San Juan Mayor During Interview

Anti-Trump cable propaganda network CNN has a lot riding on the aftermath of Hurricane Maria which devastated Puerto Rico. The left has in no uncertain terms stated that they are going to make this into “Trump’s Katrina” in order to exploit resentment from those fleeing the island into Florida for political gain.

This is why the self-proclaimed “most trusted name in news” provided a forum for leftist San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz and her conveniently displayed t-shirt that read “HELP US WE ARE DYING” just in time for an interview with wealthy celeb anchor Anderson Cooper.

It was later revealed that Mayor Yulin Cruz chose to not show up at FEMA briefings attended to coordinate the response with the rest of the island’s mayors and in an uncorroborated report, may actually be slowing down the flow of relief supplies to those in dire need to further her own political agenda.

Former Puerto Rico Attorney General Jose Fuentes represented a problem to the CNN narrative when he called out Yulin Cruz as a “political hack” and stated that demented Democrat Congressman Luis Gutierrez of Chicago was responsible for giving her the t-shirt.

He rapidly found out what happens to those who dare to tell the truth in a game where the tables are tilted – CNN cut him off.  Watch the eye rolls of CNN’s two talking heads.

It comes in around the 2:38 mark of the video below:

Not only was Fuentes censored but the network then allowed Democrat hack and CNN political analyst Maria Cardona to have the floor to launch into a dishonest diatribe against President Trump during which she invoked every talking point in the book.

Fuentes eventually got another chance to talk but was continually cut off by the belligerent Cardona who along with her fellow Democrats have elevated Mayor Yulin Cruz to a poor woman faced with a herculean task that is being made more complicated by the racist, sexist pig in the White House.

CNN fails to disclose that Cardona’s bio for her lobbying firm specifically states the following:

While at DSG, Maria served as a Senior Advisor and spokesperson to the Hillary Clinton for President Campaign during the 2008 Democratic primary election, serving on the campaign’s Hispanic outreach team. During the 2008 general election, she was a key surrogate for the Obama for America election campaign, a role she revisited during the most recent 2012 presidential election.

Before joining DSG, Maria led the New Democrat Network’s

(NDN) outreach initiative with Hispanics nationwide as a senior vice president. Her government and political background includes service as director of communications for the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) and five years at the Department of Commerce, first as Deputy Press Secretary and later as Press Secretary. <strong>During her time at the Commerce Department, she acted as lead communications strategist for the passage of NAFTA in 1993. She also served as communications director for the Democratic National Committee from 2001 to 2003.</strong>

This is a perfect example of how CNN works and yet another reason why it should be irrelevant to anyone who actually wants the real story instead of politically motivated hit jobs and fake news.

Cardona cares nothing for the people who are suffering in Puerto Rico and one gets the idea that through her actions, that Mayor Yulin Cruz doesn’t either.

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