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Democrats and Media Try to Turn Puerto Rico into Trump’s Katrina

In 2005, the strong Category 3 Hurricane Katrina made landfall in Louisiana setting off a devastating chain of events that would end up with a good portion of the city of New Orleans underwater after the levee system failed.

This was a horrific natural disaster and a humanitarian catastrophe but the Democrats, the media, and the left were quick to ignore the human cost and weaponize the storm’s damage to take on President George W. Bush. Granted that the Bush administration’s response was far from perfect but the rapid manner in which his political opponents exploited the storm to damage his administration was despicable and did nothing to help the victims, let alone the country.

Bush was savaged over Katrina and some say that his second-term was never the same again after his political capital was sapped so early by the storm as well as the coordinated swarm attacks by the Democrats and their winged-monkeys in the media.

Flash forward twelve years to 2017 and the political left and a much more evolved media that serves as its propaganda machine are looking to turn the destruction of Puerto Rico by Hurricane Maria into President Donald Trump’s Katrina.

The ever-shifting rolling attacks on Trump are in the early stages of blaming him for the dismal situation in the U.S. island territory even as he is currently being ripped to shreds for calling out the one-percenter ingrates in the NFL who believe that disrespecting the flag while in uniform and on the clock is their God-given right.

One of the left’s point men in the coming onslaught is retired Army General Russel Honoré who led the military response to Katrina and is currently at the tip of the spear that is pointed directly at Trump’s head.

Honoré has been outspoken in his liberal views such as gun control and most recently, racial politics and he gave an interview to Bloomberg that is now being used as the basis for the hit job on Trump.

Via The Hill “General who handled Katrina response blasts Trump on Puerto Rico”:

The retired lieutenant general who oversaw the government’s Hurricane Katrina relief efforts said President Trump should have done more to prepare for Hurricane Maria.

“It’s kind of like Katrina: We got it. We got it. Oh, shit, send in the cavalry,” Russel Honore told Bloomberg in an interview.

Honore said the White House should have prepared before Maria hit by sending in more personnel and equipment. He was also critical of Trump’s response to Hurricane Harvey earlier this year.

Via Bloomberg “General Who Turned Around Katrina Response Criticizes Puerto Rico Efforts”:

After Democratic lawmakers said Trump was slow to respond to the crisis, the president told reporters Tuesday that Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands have “been devastated, absolutely devastated, by Hurricane Maria, and we’re doing everything in our power to help the hard-hit people of both places.”

An email to the White House press office asking for comment about Honore’s criticism wasn’t immediately returned.

“It’s wholly inadequate,” said Representative Debbie Wasserman Shultz, a Florida Democrat. “Why we don’t have a Katrina level response mobilizing and gearing up is absolutely beyond me. This is as dire at that was.”

That Bloomberg chooses to insert the commentary of the disgraced former head of the DNC Debbie ‘the carp’ Wasserman Schultz makes it evident that this is just one more politically-motivated kneecapping of Trump.

With all due respect to the man’s service, he has re-tweeted the following which illustrates that he isn’t exactly a neutral observer regardless of how the media portrays him:

The MOST incriminating retweet is below:

Is there really any doubt at what is going on here?

His Twitter timeline as @ltgrusselhonore and I have no doubt that there will be even more evidence that this guy is a political hack which is his right but he shoudl be upfront about his agenda. 

According to Honoré, the government should have been better equipped to handle the situation on the ground on Puerto Rico which was left totally without power. He suggested that unlike the federal govs’  prepositioning of assets and supplies in Louisiana before the state was struck by Katrina, the same should have been the case with Maria.

What the former general leaves out and what the media doesn’t call him on is that Louisiana is a part of the contiguous United States meaning that there was readily available infrastructure – like roads and highways – that allowed for resources to be deployed.

Puerto Rico is an island, not that any of the clowns in the media ever bothered looking.

It also has (or had) an antiquated power grid which was wiped out and the territory itself is a mess which has been wracked by serious financial problems for years. We are talking about apples and bowling balls here, there are no similarities.

EVERYTHING is politics now and Democrats (perhaps Honoré himself) are looking to cash in off of the Puerto Rican misery to help them flip Florida, a state where they are anticipating that many of those displaced by Maria will end up.

This is so purely diabolical that it borders on evil.

Via the always vile Washington Post “Trump’s Katrina? Influx of Puerto Ricans after Hurricane Maria could tip Florida toward Democrats”:

THE BIG IDEA: More than 50 million ballots were cast by Floridians in the seven presidential elections from 1992 through 2016. If you add them all up, only 18,000 votes separate the Republicans from the Democrats. That is 0.04 percent.

Florida is rightfully considered the swingiest of swing states. Control of the White House in 2000 came down to a few hundred hanging chads — and one vote on the Supreme Court. The past four statewide elections — two governor’s races and two presidentials — were all decided by a single percentage point.

So it could be quite politically significant that tens of thousands of Puerto Ricans, maybe more, are expected to permanently move into Florida as the result of Hurricane Maria. The Category 4 storm has wreaked havoc on the U.S. territory of 3.4 million. Most of the island still doesn’t have power a week after Maria made landfall. There are shortages of fuel, medicine, food and running water. Infrastructure that was already crumbling is in ruins.

Puerto Ricans are American citizens, thanks to a law passed in 1917. As a result, all they need to settle in the mainland is a plane ticket or a berth on a boat.

Their citizenship entitles them to vote, and they tend to overwhelmingly support Democratic candidates.

And surprise, surprise! Just look who’s leaping onto the dogpile:

Senators John McCain and Never Trumper Mike Lee to the rescue!

The Democrats don’t give a rat’s ass about the folks in Puerto Rico, they are just pawns to them and the island has become yet another political football in an endless and very cynical game.

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  1. You people are a true disgrace to humanity. No matter what it is Trump does or doesn’t do, you are all over him like flies on shit. Back off, you Marxist creeps !! There’s never been a President in our history who has done and IS doing more for the US Citizen than Donald Trump. This man is stopping you pukes dead in your tracks, your globalist marxist commie tracks. You’re gonna have to wait for another 7yr to have another go at it, but I doubt even THEN you will win because you don’t wanna do anything good for anyone ; all you wanna do is set up this world to be your prey while you act as vampire, feasting daily but never taking so much that you leave your prey dead. THAT is something all of us citizens have been awoken to ; YOUR EVIL, DEMOCRATIC EVIL, and we are never falling for it again. And all for what ? Your money, power, control, and your never-ending supply of whores ? You make us all SICK !!
    Hope you enjoy the wait, cause it’s gonna be a long one.

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