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San Juan Mayor that Criticized Relief Efforts Doesn’t Show Up for FEMA Planning Sessions

San Juan’s Mayor, Carmen Yulin Cruz, who spends a lot of time in front of television cameras, can’t be bothered to show up for emergency planning meetings that are held in her own city.

During a press conference Friday, Cruz attacked the Trump administration’s response to the hurricane’s destruction. “We are dying, and you are killing us with the inefficiency and the bureaucracy.”

Cruz has now done interviews on every major network, held an on-camera tear-filled rant for aid standing in front of pallets of food and water from FEMA, had custom “we’re dying” t-shirts and hats made, but cannot be bothered to show up for FEMA response planning sessions at their field office headquarters which are in her city.

When a White House official was asked if San Juan’s mayor would meet with the president when he visits Tuesday, ABC News reporter Katherine Faulders got a surprising response.

“Not Sure,” the official replied. “She has been invited to FEMA command center several times to see operations and be part of efforts but so far has refused to come. Maybe too busy doing TV?”

An interview of Guaynabo, Puerto Rico’s mayor by the Daily Caller backs up the official’s statement casting doubt on the claims made by Cruz that the Trump administration wasn’t doing all it could to help the people of Puerto Rico.

Speaking about Cruz’s overly-dramatic television rants, Guaynabo’s Mayor, Angel Perez Otero, told Daily Caller that his experience with FEMA was completely different than what Cruz has been saying on TV.

“My experience is different. I have been participating in different meetings at the headquarters of FEMA and our government and the help is coming in and right now my experience is different from hers. I’m receiving help from the government, we are receiving assistance from FEMA, I got people over here helping us with applications for the people that have damage in their houses. And we have here in Guaynabo, we have thousands of people that lost partially or totally their houses,” said Perez, who is a member of Puerto Rico’s New Progressive Party.

Perez didn’t understand where Cruz’s statements about “genocide” came from. “I don’t know why she is saying that,” he said.

CDN also reported an account from a resident of the island who shot down Cruz’s statements and the dishonest reports in the media.

“For those saying Trump / Fed Gov isn’t doing anything for PR: You obviously aren’t in PR,” the resident said. “The island is surrounded with the USCG ships, have rescue helicopters flying overhead all day, army (or reserves) cleaning all the streets to allow gas deliveries, and constant escorts of fuel trucks to gas stations.”

Cruz’s love for publicity is nothing new. Last January she was recorded praising FALN terrorist Rivera Lopez.

It appears that the one not doing enough to help the people of San Juan is its attention monger of a mayor. She might want to spend a little less time in front of the cameras and more time working with FEMA to coordinate aid for her city.

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