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No More Good Guys or Bad Guys, Just “Other” Guys

The entire American political landscape has become foggy and uncertain with the presidency of Donald Trump. He’s had to side with Democrats in order to keep things moving in the hurricane and immigration-filled world he inherited. Republicans won’t stand with him against the radical and unconstitutional moves of Democrats and the Obama administration.

We can thank all we hold dear that Donald Trump is in office as all of these emergencies demand attention, because we know that he will address each one without making an unconstitutional mess of things and by not letting a “crisis to go waste” by politicizing it, as the Democrats always do with any crisis. But President Trump is setting a course that is without political parallel, and, if continued, will establish a trend, if not a precedent, for a president to do the right thing with little or no consideration for the political ramifications of his decisions.

Under Donald Trump, the Republicans have become the bad guys for their inability to do the things they promised to do legislatively, and for not helping Trump do the things he has promised to do as president, and then he commits the forbidden action of making nice with the Democrats and helping them push their ideas. Although this niceness to Schumer and Pelosi seems to be a dangerous political thing to do, keep in mind that the Democrat party is in the process of crumbling and that the leftists don’t like the idea of Chuck and Nancy dealing with Trump any more than conservatives like to see Trump making nice with the leaders on the left, but the entire political scene in America has been so misshapen the last eight years that there is no clear vision of where we are going as a nation.

Is Trump taking us on a psychedelic trip by dumping party affiliation as we’ve known it the last 100-plus years, or is he leading us to a three party system with Democrats and Republicans both in the descendency? With the advent of the anti-establishment Trump administration, we’ve seen the idea of the Republicans being the “good guys” in a Republican presidency and the Democrats being considered the “bad guys”, being turned on its head as the entrenched parties behave so as to protect and advance their swamp-like powers.

Beyond this point, politicians are just playing it by ear, and we’ll see where the nation goes in a totally new political world. Hang on; this may be quite a ride we’re about to take.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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