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Leftist Doubters And Dictator Apologists Are Proven Wrong Again

North Korea presents a real threat to the world with its launching of missiles over Japan and threatening the island of Guam. One hopes that the political left will, in just this one case, admit that they were wrong in the 1980s as Ronald Reagan, with intense criticism from the leftist press, supported the development of what the leftist peaceniks called “Star Wars” weapons: missiles that could intercept and shoot down other missiles.

Remember that in the 1980s the American left loved the Soviet Union and didn‘t want the U.S. to develop a defensive missile of its own that could destroy a Russian missile aimed at New York City because that would only anger the Russkies and make them feel bad. So our leftists claimed that one missile intercepting another missile in flight was impossible and only created more international friction with our peace-loving brothers in Russia.

But now these missiles and their technology have been proven to be effective, and in fact, with all of the missiles North Korea has been launching, their technology may be the savior of a target that the Norks may be aiming at: perhaps even the leftist nirvana of Los Angeles.

But one doesn’t expect the political left to thank conservatives for potentially saving their worthless hides by continuing with the development of the “provocative“ and life-saving intercept missiles.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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