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Hillary Clinton is a Professional Flip-Flopper

During the first Bill Clinton presidential campaign, Hillary swore to “stand by her man” and make him cookies, much like a typical housewife would do, and contrary to everything she believes in today.

During Bill Clinton’s re-election campaign Hillary headed up the Bimbo Eruption squad that attacked women who mentioned their relations with Bill. So these women who opposed the bad treatment that Bill meted out are, in Hillary’s opinion, bad women when they complain about Bill’s bad acts? Meanwhile, feminists call all men predators and let Bill slide.

During her post-White House years, Hillary proclaimed that women should be treated equally with men. As a test of just how serious feminists are with the women being equal to men thing, recently Joy Behar, of The View television show, criticized Mike Huckabee for allowing his daughter to work for Donald Trump’s administration, as though his daughter could not make up her own mind whom to work for, and as though Donald Trump is nearly the risk for a woman to work for that Bill Clinton is. Just ask Monica Lewinski.

During Hillary’s Senate and Secretary of State years, while she insisted that women should be paid equally with men, she consistently paid women on her staff less than her male employees.

During Hillary’s own presidential candidacy she ran as a female victim to be pitied for her mistreatment, and in her speeches she told every woman that they must vote for her or they would be letting all women down, indicating that voting for Hillary was an obligation owed her by all women. But would one be mistaken to believe that the president serves the entire nation and not only the female part of the nation? Does Hillary, given her self-absorption and her radical feminism, understand this aspect of the presidency?

During Hillary’s 2016 post-presidential run she claimed that American women allowed their husbands to instruct them to vote for Trump and not her. Does Hillary really believe that women are so stupid and weak that they can be told for whom to vote?

These examples of flip-flopping are a separate subject from the many lies Hillary has told publicly, such as flying into a war zone with Chelsea on board the aircraft and having to cork-screw down in order to avoid enemy fire while landing, and getting her first name as a sign of her mother’s respect for Sir Edmond Hillary after he scaled Mount Everest.

Hillary will use any misguided illogic to get votes and followers. One time she’ll be the dutiful wife, the next time she’ll be a con-woman trying to force all women to vote for her out of a misguided sense of duty to all other women, and then she’ll be abusive to her political base as she criticizes any woman as being a traitor if they didn’t cast a vote for her. It sounds like Hillary is against the principle of letting women make up their own minds about who is the best candidate to represent them for president. It reminds one of Hillary’s “deplorable” comments which lost her many votes in the last election.

It’s too bad Hillary is just unable to gain people’s votes, men’s and women’s alike, based on her being a good candidate and not a shrill, unpleasant liar every time she opens her mouth. But given her inability to will elections, I kind of like her just the way she is.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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