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ANTIFA Is The Modern-Day Democrat KKK

What is the difference between the old Democrat, hooded, fire-bombing KKK and today’s hooded, firebombing ANTIFA? Not much!

Both are hate-filled, leftist, evil people, and good Democrats. Oh, the hoods of the KKK were white and today’s KKK rebirth wears black hoods. And the fire of the KKK was from torches, whereas ANTIFA uses a Bic lighter, but both groups were/are Democrat leftist groups who do not believe in the constitution of the United States and who have no respect for private property nor a citizen’s right to private expression.

One wonders at the bravery and conviction of the KKK/ANTIFA cause; a bunch of thugs who have to hide behind masks and hoods and who burn property and beat people who have differing views from themselves, without having to, or, one suspects, even being able to, fully and logically explain and justify their violent actions and destructive positions.

The KKK did their evil deeds based on emotion and hatred of people different from themselves, and today’s ANTIFA do their evil deeds based on hate and a steady income from the Democrat Party, which has for a long time hired unemployed union members and out-of-work derelicts to threaten, beat people and burn things, and most recently to cause trouble for anyone involved in the Trump presidential campaign or any person who is a supporter of President Trump’s administration.

Hoods are hoods and violence is violence, no matter how close they are to Hillary Clinton, Maxine Waters, Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the rest of the Democrat underground. And in fact, these ladies are the enablers of domestic destruction and terrorist actions via their bought-and-paid-for ANTIFA terrorist organization.

On the terrorist front, which is worse and more threatening to America: ANTIFA or ISIS? Good question.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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