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Yes, the Tuesday briefing went horribly wrong

I support the President in his handling of our foreign foes, the economy, and trade. Where I support him I’ll say so and when I cannot, I will also speak my mind.

The Trump Tower news conference on Tuesday was an unnecessary disaster. President Trump’s comments on the Charlottesville tragedy on Saturday and Monday were fine. The Tuesday presser should never have happened.

On Saturday, he denounced racism and bigotry. A fine statement indeed.

On Monday, he specifically called out hate groups and denounced them as well. A clarification only his opponents required, but certainly a fine speech once again.

There was nothing good about the question and answer portion of Tuesday’s on camera event. It should never have happened. The whole thing went horribly wrong.

Were there “very fine people” mixed in with the neo-nazis, white nationalists, and white supremacists as Trump asserted? Doubtful. There are certainly people, myself included, who object to the removing of historical monuments simply because a small, vocal group finds them objectionable. But, under no circumstances did I consider going the short distance to Charlottesville to demonstrate against a removal once I saw the makeup of the groups that would be there. I will do my part to preserve history, but I have no intention of being in the company of such vile people to do so.

Trump also said that “both sides were to blame” and there is something to what he said – but that was not the time for the president to take on the broader conversation of alt-left violence nor the failures of local authorities.

Help lay Heather Heyer to rest, which he has done. Condemn neo-nazis and white supremacists, which he has also done. Let Attorney Jeff Sessions loose on the murderer, again, which he has done. Then.. just stop. Allow the country to heal.

Mentioning Antifa in the same breath as a group responsible for the death of an innocent woman was never going to go well. The left sees it as making protestors against racism equal to racists that commit murder. Antifa is not full of innocent do-gooders, but that was not the time to bring it up.

Months from now, an honest conversation about the violent left and their obsessive opposition to free speech, law and order and capitalism could have been taken up and perhaps even made a news cycle. Yesterday, was not that day and I guarantee that almost no one got that message at all.

I understand that the president may have been trying to stop the left’s narrative that all of us on the right are racists. I, for one, appreciate what he was trying to do. It could have been done in a planned statement at a different time.

For now Mr. President, allow the country to heal.

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Rich Mitchell

Rich Mitchell is the editor-in-chief of Conservative Daily News and the president of Bald Eagle Media, LLC. His posts may contain opinions that are his own and are not necessarily shared by Bald Eagle Media, CDN, staff or .. much of anyone else. Find him on twitter, facebook and

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  1. I appreciate CDN and it has become my primary news source due to the extreme bias of the established media. I must take issue with you opinion on the call-out of antifa and black-lives-matter at the press conference. I think Mr. Trump should take every opportunity to point out that antifa and blm contain paid protesters/provocateurs. I don’t think we need time to heal; we need to keep attacking the new world order at every opportunity. It is not a “Hearts and Minds” mission to try to convert left wingers to right wingers. It is a mission to obliterate antifa and blm as if they were isis terrorists. Conversation is not going to fix anything.

  2. Trump had every reason and responsibility to state the truth regarding riot in Virginia. I am tired of all the left complaining about everything. Yes, wish KKK was not there to protest. They are evil, but historical monument should not have been removed by left groups. Black lives matter and other violent groups should not congregate either, since that is the overall argument of the left. ALL Groups HAVE A RIGHT to assemble whether we agree or not! I can’t stand either far right or left groups! Antifa, a far left group showed and the two overall extreme groups ruined the peaceful protest replacing it with violence. Time to bring BALANCE not politics to our country. Trump said TRUTH! Time for political correctness to stop. Whiners to quit whining, and articles like this one from stating it was not the right time to share. Not time to share truth? Large reason people do not want to hear truth is due to fact news no longer tells it, thus leaving an unbalanced presentation of facts that sway the mind to one side of issue or the other. Quit politicizing news, then maybe people will go away after reading an article with balance and a new found respect for the media. I support our President! Not always word perfect, but truthful, which I find rather refreshing!

  3. Ok, like anyone else paying attention, I have an opinion. I actually agree with about everything in Rich’s post and also Ray and Stan’s comments. There is something I have not heard about the presser……President Trump is still learning how to ‘act’ presidential and is still guilty of letting the emotions much like yours and mine creating an ‘un-presidential’ appearance. Rather than reacting like we would, he should have ‘taken control’ and said he would take ONLY questions related to his announcement and when reporters disregarded that, simply turned and walked away.

    I have heard no explanation WHY the police were so ill prepared and let all of the ‘weapons’ and trappings in the area…..or why a reporter and FOX newsman/cameraman showed police existing the area saying it was “too dangerous”. Knowing the possibilities wouldn’t it have been prudent to have them in riot gear and possibly National Guard on standby?

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