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Facing Trump, North Korea Backs Down

While American main stream media is fixated on which words President Donald Trump did or didn’t use about a murderer driving his car into a crowd, North Korea just backed down due to Trump’s … words.

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un pulled back his threat to nuke the tiny island nation of Guam after President Trump and the U.S. military made it obvious that further threats would result in the destruction of his country.

Pyongyang’s state media reported early Tuesday local time North Korea’s military won’t strike Guam, a U.S. island territory of 160,000 people in the western Pacific Ocean that hosts American military bases.

The media will likely credit the course change to Maxine Watters or Chuck Schumer because … well .. that’s just who they are.

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  1. Let’s not get too comfy and smug…..the fat lady is still on stage and could still sing. The entire world is still adjusting that we have a ‘real man’ that is 100% American and unafraid of the truth requiring bold action.

    Thought the thinly veiled messages to China was a great chess move, Iran is another contributor to NOKO that needs ‘handling’

    Love Joseph’s comment……..let’s add Pelosi as her assistant.

  2. Joseph O'Donnell

    It was the threat of sending our new Ambassador to North Korea, Maxine Watters, that convinced the NKs that Trump means business.

  3. China backed down. North Korea is but a puppet of China.

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