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It’s Okay For Liberal Democrats, But It’s Not Okay For Our Side

It’s Okay for Obama to allow transgenders to join the Military, but it’s not Okay for Trump to reverse the practice and insist on a ready fighting force not distracted by leftist social engineering experiments.

It’s Okay for Obama to take people’s healthcare away and increase the costs of their deductibles and premiums under Obamacare, but it’s not Okay for Trump to open healthcare to market competition and lower healthcare costs to all Americans beginning with his administration.

It’s Okay for Ted Kennedy to travel to Moscow in order to plot with the Russians to defeat the Reagan administration, and it’s Okay for Obama to sneakingly beg Putin for more time to get re-elected, but if the lying press suggests that Trump met with even one Russian citizen, or maybe he spoke with Putin at an international meeting for 20 minutes, Trump is judged by liberals to be unbalanced, a traitor and unfit to be president.

It’s Okay for Bill Clinton to have a series of affairs and to abuse numerous women, one such event even occurring in the Oval Office with an intern, with Hillary remaining silent about these abuses, but when Trump appeared on stage behind Hillary at a campaign event last fall, she labeled him a predator male and the press gives her maximum coverage and support.

It’s Okay for Obama to be all modern and high techy by using rapid response methods and emails and tweeting while campaigning, but let Trump do these things and he’s said to be abusing his power and not being presidential.

It’s Okay for Obama to tell the assembled Republicans in 2008 that the way things will get done during his administration is for Republicans to not listen to Rush Limbaugh and not pay attention to his advice, but when the leftist press is called out by Trump for lying about him, he is accused of trying to deny constitutional rights to the press (even though the constitution does not give the press the right to NOT report news that is contrary to the presses’ political welfare).

It’s Okay for Obama to NOT enforce duly processed laws and let millions of illegal aliens into our country and reward them with welfare benefits, but it’s racist for Trump to enforce the law and punish sanctuary cities who disobey the law regarding immigration.

It’s Okay for Obama to sue the Little Sisters Of The Poor and force them to provide abortions to their employees under his Obamacare provisions, but when Trump calls the press out for lying, the press calls his words an abuse of the constitution and an attempt to shut them up.

It’s Okay for the left to suddenly, sometimes after hundreds of years of these monuments being in place, begin tearing down statues of confederate soldiers, but when someone reminds them that all of such statues commemorate old southern, racist Democrats like themselves, their accusers are called racists.

It’s Okay for the Obama family dog to be flown to Martha’s Vineyard on a government 757 to join the family for a few days; and it’s Okay for Michelle and a few dozen of her friends to use a government aircraft do a little shopping in Madrid, but if the Trump family travels to a city and stops in a hotel owned by Trump, thereby saving the government thousands of dollars in lodging costs, the press carries on for days on end about the excesses of Donald Trump.

It’s Okay for Obama to state with the grandness of a complete emperor and as part of his planned “fundamental transformation of America”, that his presidency would lower the rising ocean and heal the earth, but when Donald Trump stresses that he wants to Make America Great Again via lower taxes and fewer EPA regulations, he’s called an unhinged, insane kook.

It’s Okay for Obama to pardon a terrorist murderer and an ex-military traitor, among other unsavory pardons he issued, but when Trump pardons Sheriff Joe Arpaio because the Obama Justice Department prosecuted him for trying to enforce the immigration laws of the nation and his efforts to protect our constitution, the left calls for Trump’s impeachment for this horrendous, unprecedented act.

It’s Okay for Obama to have gotten his start in radical politics at the feet of the terrorist Bill Ayers and to have sat in Jeremiah Wright’s anti-American church for 20 years listening to this man‘s hateful rants, but if Donald Trump had one business dealing with a Russian at any point in the last 30 years, the press demands that he resign from the presidency for collusion with the enemy.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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