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The Far Left: The Source Of All Evil In The Modern World

Reflecting back on recent history, one realizes that the Communist Soviet Union and Nazi Germany were far-left, dictatorial nations: both of those governments controlled the economies of their nations, both ruled with an iron fist and punished their citizens at the will of the rulers without the protection of a constitution that had any value, each had government control of education and each had a single payer healthcare system, like that of the Obama administration, all of which kept the populace under control.

Now immigration has become a dominant aspect of life in developed countries with ISIS forcing large numbers of people to flee their home nations in the Middle East in order to escape certain death at the hands of vicious murderers. The result of the threat of ISIS is that Europe has been overcome by invading hordes of people from nations like Syria. The Europeans have done little or nothing to keep these invaders out, and in recent years we have seen France, Belgium, Germany, Spain, and England be on the receiving end of a multitude of terrorist attacks as the invaders reward the nations handing out assistance and refuge with death and destruction for their good will. But in the Eastern European nations of Hungary, the Czech Republic, Poland, and Slovakia, there have been no ruinous terrorist attacks, because the Eastern European nations have not allowed the invading immigrants from the Middle East to find homes in their nations, thereby they’ve avoided the horrific attacks that we’ve seen in recent years in Western Europe and America.

But the European Union has decided that the peaceful lives of the Eastern Europeans should have its share of death and destruction, so they’ve decided that they will withhold certain funds from those nations in the East who do not allow invading immigrants to settle in their countries. This reminds one of the reverse situation in the United States where the Trump administration has decided that sanctuary cities, which were established during the ultra-liberal Obama years, should no longer be able to disobey federal law and give solace and protection to invading immigrants residing in those cities, and will withhold certain federal monies from sanctuary cities as punishment for breaking the law and endangering the citizens residing in them.

In summary, the US, under the Trump administration, will withhold money from non-complying cities in an attempt to increase security, while in the EU money will be withheld in order to weaken the security of those Eastern nations. The EU’s policy will only ensure more invasion by radical forces, and more terrorist murders of innocent citizens.

The citizens of England spoke on this issue when they voted in favor of BREXIT so as to escape the terrorist threats that the EU is forcing on its subjects, and one wonders when other European nations will take such a vote so they can get the terrorist invaders out of their midst. The current liberal leaders of Europe have placed their citizens at great risk with the mass murders of numbers of people at periodic intervals, and they don’t have the courage or perhaps even the intellect to realize the threat they have brought to beautiful Europe.

The Trump administration, with it travel bans and its plans for greater security via the punishment of sanctuary cities and the building of a wall along our southern border, has the correct policies, and the EU is just making a dangerous terrorist situation worse by weakening security across the continent. But the EU leaders are too locked into their misguided liberal ideas of perfection to be able to make difficult decisions, and they are unwilling to change immigration policy in order to save their own citizens’ lives.

Liberals in the United States are just as ignorant as their liberal European brethren, and they are at every turn trying to block the Trump administration’s travel bans, the sanctuary city punishment and the building of the wall, and if they are successful at halting the Trump initiatives the United States will be the target of additional terrorist attacks in the future. Americans must keep track of which party is trying to protect them and which party is increasing the danger of more terrorist killings and destruction, and punish the Democrats at the ballot box in the next and every subsequent election.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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