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Jeff Miller for U.S. Congress [NV-4]

We must realize what’s at stake in the 2018 midterm elections. Voters have the opportunity to reject establishment politicians and replace them with representatives who will act on President Trump’s agenda. As conservatives, we have this chance with Republican candidate Jeff Miller in Nevada. Jeff is running for the House of Representatives in Nevadas 4th Congressional district.

Jeffs challenger in the primary is Stavros Anthony a ‘Never Trumper’ who is looking to reap the benefits of the D.C. swamp. He is well connected and well-financed, so Nevadans need to stop him.

What is the importance of this race if you don’t personally reside in Nevada? President Trump’s agenda is at stake in these kinds of primary races. Do we want more Representatives in the House unwilling to support President Trump? Do we want more Representatives that refuse to act and pass any real legislation? If the answer to these questions is no, then it’s an absolute must to help Jeff win in Nevada.

Jeff ran for the U.S. House District 1 seat in 2016 but lost to Mary Perry who pulled almost twice the vote. Perry then lost to Independent Kamau Bakari.

In District 4, he’ll be facing Ruben Kihuen who took the seat in 2016 with 40% of the vote.

It’s time to start supporting candidates that will stand up to the swamp and make real changes. If this message resonates with you, please head over to Jeffs website MillerforNevada.com and help in any way possible. Whether that means donations, volunteering with the campaign, or even social media support. We must stand up and say enough is enough and start supporting conservative candidates who will actually fight for the people who elected them. You can find Jeff on Twitter here.

Let’s show Nevada and the rest of the country the strength of conservatives when they come together and elect Jeff Miller for Congress.

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Brady Kenyon

Brady is a contributing writer for Conservative Daily News.

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  1. Brady…EXCELLENT ! This is just what we need. With the available social media it’s extremely easy to cross state lines.

    However, I would caution that before doing so….do your own checking/vetting. MOST are fine and just need name recognition. The more they hear or see it, the more comfortable they are voting for them.

    Just think…if your 23K twitter followers send the name Jeff Miller out and it’s repeated….WOW!

    Let’s keep our Conservative values….

  2. Brady……Sen. Dean Heller (R-Nv) is being challenged by business man Dave Tarkanian….another rather unknown

    1. Danny Tarkanian is running against Heller. He is not an unknown in Nevada. Jeb Miller, however, is a complete unknown in Nevada. So unknown that the only coverage his campaign is going to get is from old friends in Arkansas in articles littered with grammar hiccups. I wish Jim Miller the best in his race, but he’s running too far upticket for a carpetbagger new guy. Jeff Miller needs to pay his Nevada dues.

      1. It’s a good feeling that people like you are taking notice,

        Sorry about name goof….I don’t live in Nv and just took Tarkanian at his word on interview that compared to Heller he was an unknown. (perhaps he meant in political circles)

        I must confess that as of now I have not checked out for myself Jim Miller. Am certain to learn a few facts that may prove of use. I’m a little short on out of state sources, who do you use to check facts, backgrounds etc/

    2. Thank you for the feedback. Jeff Miller is running for the U.S. House, not for the Senate. He is not running against Tarkanian nor Heller.

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